Wells Fargo ATM cash tracker delivers personalized experience

Wells Fargo walk up ATMs lit at night on Ninth Street in Durham, North Carolina.

Wells Fargo is customizing your ATM experience, day and night. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Ildar Sagdejev/Wikipedia)

If your bank’s ATM interface puts you to sleep, you should see what Wells Fargo is offering. The banking giant’s ATM Cash Tracker system scans an ATM customer’s previous transaction history and provides the customer with personalized banking options and advertising. Wells Fargo is banking on the sleek new design being a big customer draw.

Wells Fargo ATMs playing your favorites

Using predictive analytics, Wells Fargo’s new ATM banking network present customers with an assortment of touchscreen buttons, each one tailored to the individual customer based upon their previous transactions and selected preferences. These ATMs are reportedly easier to use, as the button favorites are convenient, notes Bankrate. If the customer chooses the optional balance dashboard to display, all balances can be viewed at a glance, as if it were an online home banking interface.

The Wells Fargo ATM that knows you

Wells Fargo asks us to imagine just how much an automatically displayed balance can help someone who regularly runs their account close to zero balance. The savings from avoided overdraft fees alone should make the feature popular.

“The ATMs really know you better,” said Alicia Moore, head of Wells Fargo ATM Banking.

From the customer’s account home page, two main customized buttons are displayed based upon the most regular previous transactions. For instance, if the customer frequently makes deposits into a checking account and opts out of receiving a receipt, that option will appear as a button. If a customer regularly withdraws a specific amount, that option will also appear.

Underneath the two main buttons are other customized buttons based upon observed banking behaviors.

Wells Fargo ads follow you

Wells Fargo believes this is a user experience whose time has come. But the kicker isn’t the personalized buttons. It’s the lower 30 percent of the screen, where the bank will run its own advertisements. The marketing machine never sleeps.


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