Well behaved children discount given by Wa restaurant


One example of the recent trends of viral restaurant receipts is a well behaved kids discount, an interesting concept. Photo Credit: PappyandHarriets/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

A bit of a trendy thing on the interwebs these days is curious stuff written on restaurant receipts, which go up on Reddit and then go viral. One presents a curious idea, a well behaved children discounts, bestowed on a couple and their kids by a relatively posh restaurant in Washington state.

Well behaved children discount first good idea among stupid internet receipts

Denizens of the internet go batty over stuff on Reddit. Much of the site consists of cat pictures; granted, cat pictures are basically one-third of the internet, with porn making up half the internet and everything else for the rest.

Lately, it’s stupid receipts. Restaurant cashiers will put messages on receipts via the printer, write them on there, whatever, and they goes viral. However, a recent one had a relatively novel idea. According to Today, a family from Kingston, Wash., were enjoying a meal at an Italian restaurant recently in nearby Poulsbo, Wash. The Kings have three kids, who apparently behaved themselves while eating.

The staff were so impressed that they bestowed a well behaved children discount. The receipt went on Reddit and viral.

Not a huge discount

The well behaved children discount wasn’t much – $4 off and a free bowl of ice cream for the kids. Rob Scott, the owner of Sogno di Vino, the restaurant in question, does this every so often to reward patrons who bring children that behave. The restaurant has had issues in the past with patrons’ unruly offspring, though he uses positive reinforcement in lieu of booting the brats.

Granted, it’s touched off a debate. Internet comments, as the Consumerist points out, have ranged from “good on em” for the restaurant to people pointing out that the restaurant shouldn’t give discounts for what people should do anyway, namely getting kids to behave.

A CafeMom blogger opines this might inspire others to charge extra for children misbehaving, which they suggest is bad. Some might think a little extra cash for everyone else having to put up with tantrums isn’t the worst idea. Your kids misbehave, you suffer like everyone else – in a way, it’s democratic.

Also, the mother in question, Laura King, appears a model parent. The family didn’t take any coloring books, crayons, phones or tablets into the restaurant at all – they all actually talk to each other – they get snacks before heading out so no one’s impatient and they don’t take the younger two of the three kids out if they haven’t had a nap.

Lines in the sandbox

The well behaved children discount aside, there has been some debate recently as to whether a line can or should be drawn over where children should or shouldn’t be. Some believe some places are more appropriate than others; Rob Scott points out his restaurants’ name in Italian means “dreams of wine,” which is not, as he observes, Chuck E. Cheese. Would you waste a USDA Prime Black Angus New York strip on a bawling tot that only likes mac and cheese?

There’s been a small movement to preclude children from some locations. It isn’t a blanket “no kids allowed;” no kids under a certain age is common. For instance, in 2011, according to a 2011 Yahoo article, a Pennsylvania restaurant called McDain’s forbade children under 6, as did a theater in Texas though the cinema allowed kids under 6 on certain allotted days. Some vacation resorts and hotels forbid kids under various ages and cater primarily to couples, not families.




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