Marvelous ways to use mint for maximum savings

A peppermint plant growing in soil.

There are ways to use mint that may surprise you. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Uwe W./Wikipedia)

Peppermint is one of those herbs with many uses around the house. Instead of investing in various products, here are various money-saving ways to use the mint you already have. Some of these ideas may surprise you.

Ways to use mint No. 1 – Repelling rats

Planting a bed of mint in your garden deters both rats and household mice from venturing into the area.

Ways to use mint No. 2 – Relieving cramps

Considering that mint has natural digestive properties that help relax tract muscles, it makes sense to use it if you’re experiencing cramps. Mix some into a liquid drink like hot tea, or put it in a glass of warm water with lemon.

Ways to use mint No. 3 – Massaging your feet

The menthol in mint isn’t just something that can make your mouth tingle. Chop up a cup of mint leaves and combine with a cup of sea salt and one-third cup of olive oil and you have the perfect scrub for tired, aching feet.

Ways to use mint No. 4 – Fighting headaches

In much the same way that you’d make a mint tea to relieve cramps, the same concoction can help with minor headaches.

Ways to use mint No. 5 – Preventing infections

Bacteria and fungus don’t like mint, because mint has – wait for it – antibacterial properties. A diet with mint can help ward off infection, slowing or completely stopping the spread of infection.

Ways to use mint No. 6 – Clearing your sinuses

If you typically use Vicks VapoRub to clear your stuffy nose, try mint instead. Boil it in a pot of water or hot tea, and breathe in the spicy menthol vapors. Your sinuses will begin to open up.

Ways to use mint No. 7 – Relieving stress

Yet another miracle of mint is witnessed here. It eases your throat, your sinuses, and by extension, your overall feelings of calmness. That’s a natural stress reducer.

Ways to use mint No. 8 – Preventing cancer

Before you jump to conclusions, consider the ongoing studies. There isn’t conclusive proof yet, but studies have shown that peppermint may help prevent cancers that affect skin, lungs and colon. Hopefully good news will come from those studies.

Ways to use mint No. 9 – Spicing up a salad

A few mint leaves in a summer salad with other greens, fruits and vegetables will perk your taste buds right up.

Ways to use mint No. 10 – Personal grooming

Are you the sort who makes homemade soaps and shampoos? Add some mint oil for a fresh scent. These oils can typically be found in a natural food store, and they’re both cheaper and more fun to use in your own creations than it is to buy pre-mixed.

Ways to use mint No. 11 – Deodorizing carpets

Dried mint and baking soda on a carpet – when left to sit for at least an hour – works as a great carpet and room deodorizer. Works in a similar fashion to using mint to freshen your breath, except in that case, you don’t need to keep it in your mouth nearly as long, and either do you need a vacuum.


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