New York woman gets paid for non-sexual cuddling at The Snuggery

A couple is seen cuddling on a public bus bench.

Cuddling can tap the power of touch to help us feel safer. (Photo Credit: CC BY/latteda/Flickr)

In our technological age of social media and relationships at a distance, many people are neglecting the simple things in life, including the power of touch. Entrepreneur Jacqueline Samuel of Penfield, N.Y., has seen the need in society, and she has made it her business to help others. Her business The Snuggery offers individuals the chance to pay $60 for a solid hour of non-sexual, non-nude cuddling.

The Snuggery brings New Yorkers cuddle time

Of all the places in this country that could use some positive energy, it’s easy to argue that New York should top the list. It was a stroke of luck for Jackie Samuel that she stumbled upon a business opportunity that has also given her more opportunities to do one of the things she loves.

“I really just wanted to cuddle,” she said.

On the website for her business The Snuggery, Samuel espouses her believe in the healing power of touch. Photos show her dressed in comfortable pajamas, ready to share a kind, non-sexual touch with someone in need who has $60 to spend. From the website,

“The Snuggery is a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the simple restorative pleasure of touch. Though science has unquestionably supported the psychological and physical benefits of non-sexual touch, Americans distinctly lack it. It’s time for change. At The Snuggery, (I provide) individuals with private snuggling sessions.”

Snuggling up to inner peace

Curiously, certification is available for individuals looking to host group snuggling parties. However, in Samuel’s case, she’s in virgin territory. Private, one-on-one, non-sexual snuggling for money is not forbidden, but commerce has yet to sink its tax shovel into the group. Considering the overwhelming response Samuel received when she first advertised her services in a local newspaper, it would not be surprising with regulatory agencies reached for their handout.

Spending time with the little spoon

Samuel admits that she is a small woman, which does enter into the types of cuddling she undertakes with clients.

“There are different kinds of cuddling positions,” she said, “but I typically always start out spooning and I am pretty small, so usually I’m the little spoon.”

Cuddling sessions run $90 for 90 minutes, $60 for one hour or $50 for 45 minutes. No additional services are provided by The Snuggery, despite the fact that some curious prospective clients have asked for “a little extra affection.” So far, all of her clients have been men, although she is willing to cuddle with women. Some have become sexually aroused by the contact, but no problems have arisen such natural, involuntary sexual response.

“I think a lot of people don’t have someone in their life that they can receive comforting touch from on a regular basis,” said Samuel.

Cuddling precautions

In order to protect both herself and clients of The Snuggery, Samuel always meets a prospective client first to make sure they’re comfortable and compatible. For security reasons, while the cuddle time is private in a room, there are other people in her home studio in the event things go south.

“It tends to be pretty improvisational,” she said.

‘Snuggle hooker’ is not a hooker


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