Tips and tricks to help you start exercising now

Indian wrestler exercising, 1973.

Start exercising however you like. The activity is what’s important. (CC BY-SA/John Hill/Wikipedia)

I have something I feel I must get out of the way before continuing: I’m fat. Like many people, I find excuses to keep from engaging in a regular exercise program. So while I won’t claim to be an authority from experience on the matter, I can say that I plan to utilize many of the following techniques to help myself. These are some of the best tips today to start exercising, find continued inspiration to exercise and lose weight.

Start exercising tip No. 1 – Apps

Yes, when it comes time to start exercising, there’s an app for that. Health and fitness apps of all types help you keep track of your exercise regiment and what you eat. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, there are many free and paid mobile apps that can go wherever you do, and utilize GPS and a smartphone’s native accelerometer to pinpoint location and help you mark off time trials, whether you’re walking, running, biking, skiing or something else.

Start exercising tip No. 2 – Seek encouragement

Ideally, enlist the help of family, friends or a significant other to keep you on the exercise and healthy diet path. Maybe they can even join you in your workouts. However, if this isn’t possible, there are subscription services like Coach Alba, a subscription service that sends inspirational texts at optimal exercising times. It also warns customers against binge eating.

Start exercising tip No. 3 – Be self-motivating

Don’t allow external motivations to be the only fuel that keeps you going in an exercise program. If you fail to reach that dangled carrot, you may become discouraged. Find internal motivations to keep you going, like the feelings of strength and health you’ll experience. Even the short-term reduction of stress is worth the trouble.

Start exercising tip No. 4 – Follow a schedule

For some people, keeping an exercise schedule helps them remain focused on the goal. You wouldn’t miss a meeting with your boss at work, or a big date that you’ve been waiting for. If exercise is placed on the same level, you’ll find yourself wanting to remain on track. If you tell others you trust about your schedule, the subtle social pressure can help keep you in line.

Start exercising tip No. 5 – Variety is the spice

Try to vary your workouts so that things don’t get stale. Most strength and conditioning coaches suggest switching from upper to lower body on alternate days. For the casual exerciser, mixing in outdoor activities or even active playtime with the kids is a great way to change things up with in-the-gym routines.

Start exercising tip No. 6 – Exercise in the morning

If you’re having trouble fitting exercise into your routine, make it something you do first thing in the morning. That way, even if you’ve had a rough day at work, it’s fine. Your exercise routine is sated for the day. Considering the endorphins, you’ll tend to have fewer rough days, so there’s that.

Start exercising tip No. 7 – Get ready the night before

As a continuation of the previous point, get those workout clothes out the night before, that way you’ll see them when you wake up and not have to search for them when you’re half asleep.


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