Green, money-saving reusable gift wrap ideas

A Christmas gift wrapped, furoshiki-style

Go green with reusable gift wrap ideas like furoshiki! (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/W./Wikipedia)

This holiday season, you’re going to produce a great deal of trash. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that holiday wrapping paper will account for a 25 percent spike in trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buck the trend. Here are some reusable gift wrap ideas for your Christmas gifts, with an eye toward green recycling.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 1 – Cloth bags

Rather than using the standard roll of holiday wrapping paper or a disposable paper bag, go with a reusable cloth bag instead. It’s a green idea, and if the cloth bag is fancy, it may even be used as a gift bag again. Even if it isn’t, a sturdy bag can be pressed into service in grocery stores and for storage and tote capabilities.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 2 – Furoshiki

Furoshiki, according to WiseBread, are Japanese cloth scarves. Traditionally, they’re used to wrap up lunch boxes with a box, then used as a tablecloth or a napkin. However, wrapping a gift in furoshiki is just as plausible – and it will no doubt be even prettier.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 3 – Reusable fabric

If you don’t use a furoshiki scarf, consider using linens, towels or T-shirts. Once the gift is unwrapped, it can be pressed into its originally intended use.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 4 – Tupperware

This is a no-brainer for those of us who like to give baked goods as holiday gifts. Don’t use cheap plasticware, but a sturdy, reusable Tupperware-like container that is dishwasher- and maybe even microwave-safe. These can automatically be recycled into use for food and item storage.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 5 – Jars and tins

What can’t you do with a good jar or shiny tin? Then can easily be pressed into storage, and jars with a more pleasing visual aspect can serve as drinking glasses in a pinch. Just wash them and you’re ready for a frosty cold one.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 6 – Pyrex casserole pans

It is easy to find a good Pyrex casserole dish at your local thrift store. Use it to give your favorite brownies.

Reusable gift wrap ideas No. 7 – Clay plant pots

Even if you aren’t giving plants as gifts, these can be used for a variety of gifts. Then, the receiver can plant something new in them if they so choose.


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