Raising a child without breaking the bank

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Raising a child is expensive, but it can be made less so without merely subsisting. (Photo Credit: CC BY/thejbird/Flickr)

It’s far from news that raising children is expensive. However, there are ways that parents and caregivers can soften the blow. You can make child-rearing cheaper, if you have common sense and a little creativity. Here are some tips for saving money while raising a child.

Raising a child and saving money tip No. 1 – Buying diapers in bulk

If you don’t have the stamina and easy access to laundry facilities that make using cloth diapers possible, you’re going to need lots of disposable diapers. It has been estimated that during infant years, as much as $1,100 is spent on disposables. If you buy them in bulk, however, you can save hundreds. Watch for sales and shop at discount warehouse stores. Don’t necessarily jump at the cheapest brand, however, as some cheap disposables rupture and can cause a painful rash. Do your research!

Raising a child and saving money tip No. 2 – Go gender neutral

By not going all-out to outfit your nursery in girl or boy themes, you can save some cash. If you have another child, you won’t have to spend on redecorating if it’s already gender neutral, too.

Raising a child and saving money tip No. 3 – DIY gifts and wrapping paper

Get crafty from an early stage and make some homemade toys and gifts that your kids can take to birthday parties. But don’t stop there. You can save a lot on wrapping paper by making it yourself from various papers and magazines you have at home. Or at the very least, you should stock up on paper after Christmas.

Raising a child and saving money tip No. 4 – Eat leftovers

While it isn’t sexy, eating leftovers can save you a bundle. Cook extra servings of dinner two to three nights per week, pack them away for freshness and you’ll have leftovers for yourself and your kids. Reheat and serve for 18 years and you’ll have that much more money in the coffers.

Raising a child and saving money tip No. 5 – Safety saves

While childproofing your home requires an initial investment, the safety and peace of mind are well worth the expenditure. Rushing baby to the emergency room due to a serious cut or bruise is expensive and nerve-wracking.



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