Use Craigslist to save money, too

Craigslist is where most people go to buy everything from a house to a ton of bricks. You can actually use Craigslist to save money, too, and not by getting a screaming deal. Bartering can be best If you want to get something new, you may not actually need to spend money. Instead, you can

Romney says half of Americans are victims

I am writing this seven weeks to the day before the nation goes to the polls to decide between the incumbent and the challenger for the office of President of the United States. At this, the nth hour juncture in the campaign, Mitt Romney — the challenger — has made some of his greatest verbal
Facebook Business

Job-hunters being asked to divulge Facebook passwords

It wasn’t that long ago that many employers started routinely using applicant’s credit scores as part of their pre-employment screening process. Now employers and educators are digging even more deeply into the personal lives of applicants to judge their worthiness. According to more than one unrelated source this week, many of the nation’s employers and
A man and a woman share drunken butt-to-butt laughs at a party. Image Title: drunk

Beware late-night tablet browsing and click-to-purchase

Many consumer technology experts believe that tablets will eventually replace desktop and laptop computers as the device of choice for browsing. This information is not lost on retailers, who are licking their chops over findings from a recent Comscore study. The digital shopping trends research company found that tablet browsing and click-to-purchase functionality on retail
crude oil

Gas prices will continue to rise, survey says

According to a recent survey, gasoline prices in the U.S. have spiked by almost 12 cents a gallon over the past three weeks. The price increase is blamed, at least in part, on the rising price of crude oil in the North Sea. Volatility in the Middle East is considered responsible for the wholesale crude
A USPS mailbox.

Startup Outbox takes on USPS by digitizing physical mail

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced cuts to Saturday service in an effort to save money. This is in large part because consumers are opting to save money on message delivery by using electronic transmissions. Now, thanks to a startup company named Outbox, consumers can save money and time (and the USPS may lose more
A series of small businesses on an average street in a quite suburb.

Lack of small business loans driving US entrepreneurs to China

Thomson Reuters reports that U.S. small businesses borrowed 18 percent more money in January than recent trends have indicated, what experts would take as a sign of recovery. Yet as Bloomberg Businessweek suggests, things aren’t as good for small business in the U.S. as they may seem. According to small business owners like Tim Erven
New York Times building

New York Times announces price increase

The New York Times, one of the most revered newspapers in the world, has had to raise its prices. Print  news is becoming a harder business to operate in and the “The Gray Lady” is no exception. Newspapers struggling Print media has become a hard business. Some very old and large newspapers have gone out of

Coupon clipping can help, but it has a dark side

Anything that saves us money in this troubled economy is worth pursuing. Coupon clipping can help keep grocery and other expenses down, and those savings can add up. But there is a dark side to couponing. Popularized the a TLC reality show “Extreme Couponing,” for some the practice can become an obsession that consumes their
State Farm

Large firms charging poor people more for auto insurance

A new report from the Consumer Federation of America asserts that some large insurance companies are often charging higher auto insurance premiums for those with lower income, even if they have a clean driving record. Low-income consumers pay more for auto insurance “We were finding that low-income people with low-income jobs and less education were
A Nook Touch.

HP free Nook promotion, and the cost of fine print

Sometimes, free isn’t free. For instance, a merchandise promotion may claim that if you buy an HP Ultrabook computer, you can receive a free Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader. Such was the case on Cyber Monday 2012. But when one customer had to return the Ultrabook, they found that that Nook is far from free.
spending locally

N.J. town give residents tax break for spending locally

One town in New Jersey is trying a little economic stimulus of its own. The residents of Marlboro can now get a break on their property tax bill if they infuse the township’s economy by spending locally. Spending locally feed local economy A local economy is like the national one in that it is fed
This, says Rep. Ed Orcutt, is threat to lungs everywhere.

Wash. Rep. Ed Orcutt supports bicycle tax for heavy-breathers

As a way to generate revenue for highways, Washington state Rep. Ed Orcutt (R) supports charging a bicycle tax because, he says, cyclists pollute the air with their heavy breathing! Since, he has apologized for his bad science. Rep. Ed Orcutt supported bicycle tax Orcutt, a ranking member of the State Transportation Committee, supports a
Canadian penny

Canada mints its last penny; should the US, too?

Last week Canada minted its last penny. Experts say that the move will save the nation $11 million a year. Some say the same thing should happen in the United States. The last Canadian penny The cost of copper is up and with it the cost of minting a penny. At this time, it costs

Making the distinction: Employee versus independent contractor

The growth of jobs during the economic recovery has been anemic. Many businesses are choosing to hire independent contractors to fill gaps. Before you sign on as an independent contractor, it is important to understand the differences between getting hired as an independent contractor rather than an employee. The financial difference For individuals, the differences
gun control

Gun control debate on fire, gun industry defensive

Gun ownership has become one of the most heated debates in the nation, polarizing consumers from coast to coast. Gun sales are rising in an already thriving industry as aficionados stock up, fearing what may come. The White House is considering 19 separate gun control measures that could be passed by executive order. Meanwhile, it

Things that cost more in the winter months

Many things affect the price of consumer goods at any given time of the year. As the seasons change, retailers will clear out old stock to make way for the items that will be selling next month. Knowing when to buy and when to pass is a bargain-hunter’s skill, honed with experience and observation. Below