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Prepaid debit cards for kids, pros and cons

Some are touting prepaid debit cards as a progressive way to pay a child’s allowance. Supporters say they teach children how to handle money in a digital age. Others say those lessons are dubious, and better taught in other ways. Prepaid debit cards for kids With so many purchases now being made online, a cash
Hurricane Sandy

Price of gas up and down in the short run

There were conflicting reports on elements affecting the price of gas in Friday’s news. Just as an ample supply is driving down the price of oil, along comes Sandy, the “Frankenstorm,” to cause rumors of a possible hike in gas prices. Falling price of of late According to Daily Finance, the price of oil dropped
A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA.

Exploitation and control: The darker side of zombies (Pt. 1)

There’s big money in zombies and the zombie apocalypse. Credit George Romero, “Resident Evil,” “The Walking Dead” and a host of other pop culture sources for that phenomenon. But the business of zombies and zombie folklore isn’t all fun and games. There’s a darker side to “zombies” involving mind control drugs, kidnapping, extortion and mind-numbing
Holiday Inn

Class action suit alleges travel deals websites are price fixing

A lawsuit, seeking class-action status, has been filed against some of the biggest travel deals websites of price fixing among other shenanigans. Travel deal websites usually offer cheap airfare and hotel rooms, but there are some who believe such sites aren’t entirely on the level. Travel deals sites accused of price fixing According to Daily
Pats Super Bowl

Attending Super Bowl still super expensive

Millions of NFL fans dream of attending the Super Bowl. It’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and the cost of going to game reflects that. Unique price structure It isn’t as easy as firing up TicketMaster’s website to buy Super Bowl tickets; instead, the tickets are allocated to league sponsors, certain
Ben Bernanke

Disappointing 69,000 jobs added in May

The latest state jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, released Thursday, continues to show a slow and uneven growth in the economy. Job gains/losses by state The state-by-state analysis for May saw increased payrolls in 27 U.S. states. However, 14 other states and D.C. recorded payroll declines. Eighteen others remained steady from the
Los muertos vivientes o zombies son mis personajes favoritos de las películas de terror... :D por eso este año repito con un no vivo... jeje La sangre fue hecha de colorante vegetal y miel... XD

Exploitation and control: The darker side of zombies (Pt. 3)

Drugs can make you into a zombie, of the deadened will variety, rather than the necrotic, puss-laden flesh variety. But did you know advanced weapons can also zombify your day? Oh, the joy! Click if you missed PART 1 or PART 2 of this article. Zombies generated by weapons technology During the Cold War, the
online dating

Pay vs free online dating sites

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of 2010, 60 percent of all heterosexual couples met online. It is only logical to assume that figure has increased in the last two years. Many in this economic downturn are likely in a quandary about whether there is an advantage to using a paid dating site vs
Chinese car industry

US files WTO trade case against China

The Obama Administration has started a WTO trade case against China. The government says that China’s auto industry subsidies violate World Trade Organization regulations, and threaten jobs in the U.S. auto industry. WTO trade case filings While the U.S. government has certainly pumped money into its own auto industry in recent years, it asserts that
Credit report

FTC study finds millions could have credit report errors

A groundbreaking study by the Federal Trade Commission has found that credit report errors are far more common than many realize. Among other findings, the FTC found up to 26 percent of Americans have credit report errors and just over 2 percent of Americans have serious errors. Many likely unaware of extant credit report errors
Free shipping

The latest holiday sales ritual: Free Shipping Day

The line between the holidays and commerce continues to blur. Today is another annual event designed to promote holiday consumerism. Friday, Dec. 16, is the fourth annual Free Shipping Day. And in addition to free shipping, many online retailers are planning bargains to lure in more customers. Friday, Dec. 16 Free Shipping Day is always
Monopoly dollar

Alternative currnency proposals increasing

More states and localities are faced with growing insecurity concerning the American dollar and are proposing an alternative currency. Whether there is merit to the idea or it’s just political grandstanding remains to be seen, but a growing number of proposals are being put forth for alternative currencies. Scrip tease Currency in the United States
A log cabin

More builders crafting net-zero homes

Power bills are a pain, but what if they could be drastically reduced or eliminated altogether? A growing number of “net-zero” homes, or homes that use practically no power from utilities, are being built. Green for planet and pocket Few people relish having to pay utility bills and the typical household, according to Yahoo News,

H&R Block removes refund anticipation loans from menu next year

H&R Block, the largest tax preparation service in the nation, has announced it will not offer refund anticipation loans next year to consumers. The loans, which are a cash advance against a tax return, are controversial, and Block says they aren’t necessary. Tax firm did well enough without them Earlier this year, H&R Block announced
“The Conversation,” a statue in Calgary, Alberta.

Business networking tips to help you break the ice

Business networking is an essential skill, whether you’re looking to get your career off the ground or improve your prospects mid-career. Yet not everyone knows how to do it. Here are some suggestions for striking up and concluding networking conversations smoothly. Getting started with networking First, it’s time for introductions. This is your first opportunity
Clothing donation bin

Not all clothing donation bins are charitable

Unfortunately, charities have been revealed over the years to be more crooked than a barrel of snakes, or in other words half as dishonest as Congress. Nothing is ever as it seems, from mailers to phone campaigns; even clothing donation bins aren’t entirely on the level. Clothing donation bins not always what they seem Not

Banks waive some fees in the wake of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, the so-called “Frankenstorm,” is still not done raging at the time of this writing, although most of its bluster is past. It has caused millions of dollars in damage and displaced the lives of many, many people in the Northeastern United States. In its wake, some banks have agreed to waive some fees