Why moving to another planet is more plausible than ever (Pt. 1)

Astronaut finds remains of ancient life on Mars.

Is there life on Mars? Yes – and we’ll have to find it. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/D Mitry/Wikipedia)

If you’ve been thinking about moving to a different place and are waiting for the right motivation, science suggests that eventually, a cataclysmic event will make Earth uninhabitable. That’s probably a long ways off. Yet overcrowding is arguably a more immediately pressing issue that could make a person consider moving to another planet. Adventures in space colonization await – because as science also suggests, there is (or has been) life on other planets like Mars. It’s always nice to have neighbors when moving to another planet!

Life on other planets – the evidence

While there is no direct evidence yet that there is life on other planets, science suggests the following compelling reasons to believe that humanity will soon discover an alien life form, and consumers will begin moving to another planet to see “how the other half lives”:

Life on other planets proof No. 1 – The existence of extremophiles

There are organisms on Earth called “extremophiles,” or living things that are able to survive in extremes of temperature, in toxic surroundings and even in a vacuum. In other words, scientists are certain that such organisms could survive, and even possibly make up the core population of speculative life on other planets. From volcanic vents on the ocean floor to the highest mountain peaks, extremophiles suggest that life can endure, which is more that you can say for your current human neighbor who couldn’t endure your last New Year’s Eve party.

Life on other planets proof No. 2 – Building-block chemicals in space

On other planets and moons, probes have uncovered the presence of complex organic compounds that scientists recognize as the building blocks of life. Nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and other precursors to life are among the key life-creating and life-sustaining substances that have been confirmed in space. In other words, when moving to another planet, you won’t be alone.

Life on other planets proof No. 3 – Discovery of more Earth-like planets

Over the past decade, astronomers have found literally hundreds of exoplanets, some of which are rocky worlds similar to Earth. Some of these still are within the proper distance from a star, an area that is known as the “Goldilocks zone.” Considering how life is known to have developed on this planet in relation to the proper balance of solar radiation, scientists believe the same would hold true on other planets. Your porridge in your new home will be just right.

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