Procrastinator alert: offers new bill reminder service

Artist's rendition of the logo. is getting better every day – and it’s free. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Matt Stauffer/Flickr)

There are innumerable online money management programs available, but few are as easy to use as — and it’s free. Now Mint is even better for consumers who need help remembering to pay bills. According to Lifehacker, as of Friday, Aug. 19, Mint has bill reminders for the procrastinators among us.

Stay on top with Mint bill reminders

Bill tracking and reminders are features that longtime users of Mint have been anticipating. It is now possible for users of the free online service to add multiple bill alerts to their accounts and track payment progress. The customizable nature of this personal finance software can keep you from ever missing a payment again once you’ve input some basic information.

An intriguing feature of Mint’s bill reminders service is that sometimes you don’t even need to update the service at all. can scan your banking statement and monthly spending habits for recurring payments, then automatically set up bill pay reminders to be sent via email or text message. Whatever Mint misses can easily be added manually.

Why you should be using Mint has been available for a few years via desktop or laptop computer, but the addition of the Mint app on such devices as the iPhone and Android smartphones has made managing your budget easier than ever before. Considering that the Mint app is free like the rest of the service – and it has all the same features – it’s hard to find fault. Not only does the Mint app pool all of your financial accounts like the desktop service, but it also categorizes all transactions automatically and helps devise a savings plan that fits your level of income.’s create-a-budget feature has a rollover function that allows for on-the-fly adjustment when your monthly spending is significantly above or below the target number. Used correctly, this helps the user better manage spending.

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