How to negotiate and save a bundle

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Everything is negotiable, from salary negotiation to what constitutes cut-off time for breakfast at the drive-thru. Unfortunately, most people are too afraid to ask. As such, they have no idea how to negotiate. Here are some negotiating tips you can put into use immediately, whether the game is saving money or making money.

How to negotiate tip No. 1 – Take a win-win stance

Negotiation isn’t about begging, it’s about being assertive. If you’re negotiating the price of an item in the store, approach talks from the standpoint that everyone wins if you can agree on a price, provided you’re fair and don’t attempt to undercut the retailer too much.

How to negotiate tip No. 2 – Build camaraderie

Part of successful negotiation is getting the other person to like you. Keep it conversational, show an interest in the salesperson’s opinion and work to build a rapport. Apply mild flirting techniques liberally.

How to negotiate tip No. 3 – Don’t work over the middleman

Part of waging a successful negotiation campaign is making sure that you’re talking to the right person. If your chosen target doesn’t have the authority to make what you want happen, you’re likely wasting your breath. Cut out the middleman and approach management directly.

How to negotiate tip No. 4 – Play the loyalty card

Repeat business is what makes the world turn for retailers. If you’re pleased with your transaction, not only are you more likely to return, you’re more likely to spread good word of mouth. Talk about how you’ve seen better prices elsewhere online, and even break out printed evidence. Let your friendly neighborhood retailer that you’d like to keep it loyal and local, and ask that they try to match price.

How to negotiate tip No. 5 – Ask for sale price

When a sales is or isn’t on can also be negotiable. If you missed the sale by a day, or are a day or two early on an upcoming sale for your merchandise of choice, salespeople who work on commission may have the authority – not to mention the desire – to keep you on the hook for a sale.

How to negotiate tip No. 6 – Flash the cash

Some retailers hate the interchange fees charged for credit card and debit card transactions. As such, they may be willing to offer you a discount if you offer to pay in cash.

How to negotiate tip No. 7 – Go for the floor model

Since many people don’t want to pay for items out-of-box, offer to eliminate the potential loss for the retailer by going for the floor model. Since you’ll have some leverage in the matter, ask for a discount.

How to negotiate tip No. 8 – Be ready to walk out

While you can’t walk out of a job if a negotiation doesn’t go your way, you can easily take your business elsewhere if a retailer won’t make a play for your business. Sometimes, the manager may even try to stop you with a better offer before you go.

How to negotiate tip No. 9 – Treat negotiation as mandatory

Here is perhaps the biggest negotiation tip of all – treat it as a requirement, rather than optional. Studies have shown that when people approach a situation knowing that negotiation is expected, their mindset is focused more on success, rather than the hope that they aren’t offending by even suggesting that the other party engage in negotiations. Take control of the situation and leave fear behind.


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