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Expensive toys aren’t always necessary when it comes to entertaining children. Not only can you play games and tell stories, but there are all kind of free toys for bored kids that you may think you know, but the truth is that overextended parents sometimes forget. These DIY toys are easy time-killers for young children this holiday season, considering that the process of gift-giving ensures the raw materials will be around the house.

Free toys for bored kids option No. 1 – A cardboard box

What do you have more of around the house than anything when you move or get ready for end-of-year holidays? Cardboard boxes, that’s what. Kids can write on them, color them, paste colored paper and foil and even cut holes. The creative options are limitless. My own children enjoy being sealed in boxes as carried around like parcels headed for Zanzibar.

Free toys for bored kids option No. 2 – The bubble wrap mother lode

If you’re into mailing gifts, or receive lots of holiday gifts via the mail, you have bubble wrap. The pop sound of squeezing the life out of a plastic bubble is satisfying for young and old. shipments tend to include large inflated packing material that makes a big sound, too. Kids love to set off those sonic bombs. And if no bubble wrap is available, Styrofoam peanuts are also fun to play with.

Free toys for bored kids option No. 3 – Foam and cardboard for slashing

Styrofoam padding sheets are great for tracing and cut-outs. Kids can make hats and disguises. Perhaps they can even make a dustpan to sweep up with afterward.

Free toys for bored kids option No. 4 – Empty margarine tubs

Empty, clean margarine tubs work on a variety of levels for children. Then can contain small toys, be converted into a bug container if small holes are poked in the side by an adult, and even used as percussive instruments for all-night drum-a-thons. Less noisily, multiple tubs with lids can be stacked into towers. But then the kids will knock them down, which creates noise, so just give in.

Free toys for bored kids option No. 5 – Cardboard rolls

Whether its toilet paper, paper towels or Christmas wrapping paper, the cardboard tubes are playtime gold. From voice alteration and imaginary telescope observation to craft parts for robots and swords, those cardboard rolls are outstanding – and you already have them around the house, which is the point of all of this.


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