Are you financially prepared for the zombie apocalypse?


The zombie apocalypse will play hell with your finances. Image: Makeup By Mellie/Flickr/CC BY-ND

It is only natural at this time of the year to consider a possible zombie apocalypse. You need to ask yourself — am I financially ready, should the dead begin to rise, walk the earth and feast on the living? Here are a few tips that may help you feel more prepared. Oh, and these tips work for other kinds of unexpected disasters as well.

Zombies are slow

Zombies, horrifying as they may be, are stupid and slow. They are actually quite easy to destroy and contain. We are predicting that it will be chaotic for a time, but that society will not collapse entirely. The trick is to be prepared and weather the storm.

Your money in a bank probably will not be accessible for a time. It is best to have a stock of cash on hand. Robert Siciliano, a consultant for McAfee, told Daily Finance:

“In the end, it’s cold hard cash that will get you through. You want to have enough cash reserves to get through at least a month.”

Good advice, but one month seems unrealistic to us. Better make it three. That amount needs to be determined by your own situation and how many dependents you will be keeping alive. And it needs to be stashed away at home some place safe. We suggest not in a mattress, because that is the first place marauding looters taking advantage of the crisis will look.

Beware of marauders

“Desperate people do desperate things,” said Siciliano. He himself has an attack dog and a “safe room” in his home.If you choose to keep a firearm, get proper training and keep it locked up safe until the apocalypse occurs.

As for gems and precious metals, Siciliano recommends selling them now for a good price and keeping the cash stashed away safely. You will get a much better return for them now than in barter later.

Siciliano also recommends that, if you do have securities or leave some assets in the bank, you should obtain paper records of those assets. When the power grids go down, all electronically stored data may be lost. When it comes time to rebuild those records, hard copies will be invaluable.

Emergency stockpile

And, of course, an emergency supply of rations should be stockpiled. It may be hard to get to the store between marauders and wandering brain-eating dead folk. And likely the stores won’t be open. The website 72 Hours suggests storing enough water for every resident to have one gallon per day, and we recommend storing enough to last everyone three months.

The same goes for canned food. Other things you will want to stockpile are matches, candles, camping stove, fuel, manual can opener, first-aid kit, unscented bleach and eyedropper (for purifying water), flashlights, batteries, lots of blankets and warm clothing.

Specifically for zombies, you may wish also to have boards, hammers and nails on hand. They come in handy for boarding up windows and doors to keep zombies from reaching in and snatching you or your loved ones out.


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