Try these unconventional uses for dental floss and save

Two hands holding a strand of dental floss.

Work household miracles with dental floss – and save! (Photo Credit: Public Domain/oralcare/Wikipedia)

Who would have known that dental floss is such a miracle product? Sure, it can clean between your teeth and further your journey toward good dental hygiene, but there’s more. You’ll want to use it for so much more once you sink your teeth into these unconventional – and money-saving – uses for dental floss.

A stuck-up solution

Don’t use expensive solvents to unstick stuff! Whether it’s a photo on a wall, a postage stamp or something entirely more sinister, use dental floss to pry it off. This works particularly well when old photos are stuck together by moisture or spills. So long as what you need to unstick is still wet, dental floss can likely help.

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Hanging pictures

Don’t spend money on braided picture wire! If you need to hang a relatively light picture, wall item or window decoration, consider dental floss. It is inexpensive, and you probably already have some in the bathroom. Dental floss won’t scratch wall paint, either, so no money on paint for touch-ups.

Tie your car’s trunk closed

It isn’t glamorous, but in a pinch, use 10 or more loops of dental floss to keep your car’s trunk closed, if it’s overloaded with long items like garden tools. Drive gently, too.

Closing a suitcase

Similar to the previous suggestion, if your suitcase is having trouble in the pocket or clasp area, dental floss can help. Don’t rely solely on dental floss, but it can save the day in a pinch, or until you can buy a new suitcase.

Sewing on buttons

Interestingly, dental floss can be easier to work with than thin thread. With floss and a needle with a large eye, you can sew a button back on. This works great before a big interview, saving you from embarrassment.

Cutting cake

Don’t have a cake knife? No problem, says dental floss. Any multilayer dessert can be sliced with the oral care tool. Same thing for soft cheese or hard-boiled eggs. Dental floss can also help you remove baked goods from a cookie sheet. When you’re done, no cleaning is required; you can simply toss the floss, if you aren’t an uber-conservationist.

Hang your undies

Most hotels have pull-out clothes lines for your undergarments. But if your hotel does not, use dental floss from the shower rod to a towel bar or cabinet knob.

Arts and crafts

Try using dental floss as the thread for putting together a bead necklace. It’s easy to grip, and kids can pull as much as they need from the dispenser.

Use as a hair tie

Has your scrunchie lost its scrunch? Dental floss works nicely, and it won’t rip or tear your hair like a rubber band . The floss will be nearly invisible, too, which is not the case with a scrunchie.

Culinary string

Aside from tying up chickens and turkeys in the oven, what can you accomplish with culinary string? You certainly can’t floss your teeth with it – but dental floss can be used to tie up poultry legs for roasting and broiling.

Survivalist uses for dental floss


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