Dennys wedding chapel to be built in Las Vegas

Vegas Denny's

A Denny’s on the Las Vegas strip is nothing new. But one with a wedding chapel in it is. Image: aFicus/Flickr/CC BY

The down-turned economy has made tight-wads out of many free-spenders. That is true even in Sin City, because what you save in Las Vegas… stays in your pocketbook. At the Dennys Wedding Chapel, opening next year, you can tie the knot and have your wedding cake with syrup on it, too. What a bargain.

Dennys wedding chapel

The Las Vegas Sun reported this week that the 24-hour diner chain will be opening a new location in Las Vegas next year. It will be the city’s third Denny’s, but it will be the only one with a wedding chapel in its heart. The flagship wedding-version of Denny’s will feature “over the top” Vegas-style decor, according to the Las Vegas Sun. It will also have a full bar, to accommodate the reception, no doubt.

The restaurant chain, famed for its late hours and relatively low-cost breakfast menu, has leased a more-than-64,000-square-foot venue in the city’s new downtown Neonopolis shopping center. The mall is currently under construction on Fremont Street.

‘The original social network’

Frances Allen, Denny’s chief marketing officer, likened the diner to an old-school social network, in an appeal to the Facebook generation:

“We already have two wonderful diners on the Strip. For us there was no better place to bring a unique Denny’s than to Fremont Street, with all the revitalization going on down there. What we want to do is emphasize that the diner is the original social network. It was that sort of ecumenical social scene where everybody converged.”

The magic of Vegas

Just above the diner in the future Neonopolis Shopping Center will be the 8,000-square-foot Krave Massive nightclub, where newlyweds can celebrate on their special night. Or, perhaps two people may meet there for the first time and finish the night by tying the knot and sharing breakfast downstairs. Anything can happen in magical Sin City.

Allen said to the Las Vegas Sun:

“It’s unique. It’s different. It’s going to be an icon within Vegas. People are going to want to travel to see this Denny’s. The wedding scene is such a part of Vegas, and who doesn’t want a wedding cake made out of pancakes?”

Bargains bizarre

Marriage may seem less than reverent in the gaming capital of the Nevada. But it does seem to be lucrative. The diner chain is taking advantage of the booming wedding industry in Las Vegas — a city where you can also get married by an Elvis impersonator if you so choose.

And the Denny’s Wedding Chapel is by no means the only deal for bargain-hunting nuptials. A recent start-up, the Vegas Wedding Wagon, will come to you and perform curbside weddings for a meager $99.


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