Attending Super Bowl still super expensive

Pats Super Bowl

Those who want to see the Patriots take on the Giants this year will have to pay big. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Millions of NFL fans dream of attending the Super Bowl. It’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and the cost of going to game reflects that.

Unique price structure

It isn’t as easy as firing up TicketMaster’s website to buy Super Bowl tickets; instead, the tickets are allocated to league sponsors, certain favored groups and NFL season ticket holders, according to CNN. Individuals who are able to get tickets can sell them on the “secondary market” or via ticket websites like and TicketExchange.

There are millions of NFL fans and a limited number of tickets. That exclusivity means that the face value of Super Bowl tickets, $800 to $1,200, is not likely much lower than what the typical fan pays for a ticket.

Pay thousands for nosebleed seats

Getting a pair of tickets in the nosebleed seats, too far away to see much of the game, is incredibly expensive. StubHub recently reported to CNN that the median ticket price was $2,800. TicketExchange reported a median ticket price of $3,623.

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According to the Boston Globe, Ace Tickets, the travel partner for the New England Patriots, was reporting that the cheapest tickets to the game were selling for $2,000 and at least one pair of field-level seats, at the 50-yard line, were sold for $7,500 each.

Six-figure seats

ESPN New York reports that TiqIQ, another ticket resale site, had a median ticket price of $4,001.02. TiqIQ also reported a 9 percent increase since Sunday, when Super Bowl tickets were averaging $3,646.04. The most expensive ticket on that site was $15,786 and for $587,000, a suite at the game at Lucas Oil Stadium could be reserved.

Prices declined from last year. According to CNN, the cheapest ticket was $600 for face value, but resale values of the tickets were much higher., a site that tracks various ticket reselling sites, found the average ticket in late January last year was going for $5,082. FanSnap reports a median price of $4,575 for this year.

Pile on travel costs

Ticket prices, of course, don’t include the cost of travel and, worse, a hotel. According to the Boston Globe, it costs $800 just to fly to Indianapolis out of Logan International in Boston. Getting a hotel in Indianapolis will be difficult and expensive. Hotel rooms 15 miles outside the city are going for $500 per night and rooms 30 miles outside the city are going for $150. Rooms 30 miles from the city usually are $85 per night on weekends.



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