Other ways to cut costs of shaving

Safety Razor

Switching to a safety razor is one way to save money on shaving razors. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Dollar Shave Club has become an online phenomenon with a viral video commercial and cheap blades.  There are a few other ways to shave some cash off the annual cost of razors.

A sharp pain

Shaving facial hair is a daily ritual for many men, unless their employers and significant others are content with the “Grizzly Adams” look. However, continuously buying razors gets expensive. If one  prefers brand name blades, such as Gillette or Schick, it can add up fast. For instance, a set of five Gillette Mach 3 cartridges costs $13.97 from Walmart.com, almost $3 per blade.

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However, there are some ways to save on shaving. Right now, there’s a lot of promotion for Dollar Shave Club, a web-based company that sells razors and blade cartridges cheap. The club even has a “viral video” commercial. There are some other ways, however, to whittle down whiskers for less than buying the cheap disposables.

Get it straight

The beauty of a straight razor, the very old kind of razor, is that it will last forever, though regular maintenance is required. According to Artofmanliness.com, in order to keep a straight razor in good working order, one needs a whetstone for honing it every month or two and a leather and canvas strop for sharpening it daily. A good set including razor, strop and stone can easily cost more than $100, but one’s grandchildren can inherit them in working order.

The safety dance

There are also old-style safety razors. These were the forerunners of today’s disposables and used similar blades to those found in utility knives. Amazon.com has a good selection; some safety razors, including the handle and a couple of blades, cost less than $10. And 10- or 20-packs of replacement blades cost less than that.

Some people swear by these blades, as evidenced in a 2005 interview with Corey Greenberg, who runs a shaving blog titled Shaveblog.com, on Today.com. Greenberg, as many others do, argues that double-edge safety razors give a closer, better and cheaper shave than disposables. As with a straight razor, there’s also a retro-style appeal to it.

Some other tricks

Time magazine suggests using coupons or switching to generic brands of disposable razors. DollarShaveClub.com sells three varieties of a month’s worth of razors for $1, $6 or $9, depending on the style one chooses. One can also buy two 10-packs of Shick disposables from Walmart.com for $3.94.





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