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Frightening Jack O' Lantern face.

Halloween spending, by the numbers

It’s time for Halloween! If you haven’t found an outstanding costume, filled up your coffers with candy and festooned your yard with all the trappings of a zombie nightmare, then you probably still have money in your bank account. Indeed, All Hallow’s Eve is an expensive commercial holiday for those who like their scares to
A giant inflatable duck welcomes customers to a credit union in South Dakota. Does this mean ducks are eligible for short term loans at that location?

UC Davis study shows credit unions restrict short term loans

Short term loans and similar money loans have been a thorn in the side of banks and credit unions who have sought to gain a foothold as direct lenders in the short term credit market. Payday lenders have addressed the consumer need for quick cash with aplomb, making successful entry into the market perhaps more
Dollar Sign in Space - Illustration

Best certificates of deposit for first-time investors

Even though high yield isn’t very high anymore, you’ll still want the best rate of return available when you invest in a certificate of deposit. Your high-yield CD should also have an optimum load of features, from the right length of term and minimum deposit to most frequent interest compounding and other benefits like rate
unemployment claims

Jobless claims rise, but still points to healing

The number of jobless claims — people filing initial claims for unemployment insurance — rose last week, according to the United States Department of Labor. However, experts are saying that the numbers still point to a slowly recovering labor market and economy. Sharp drop in jobless claims First-time claims for unemployment insurance rose to 388,000
A cartoon with two scientists pondering math equations at a chalkboard. The middle step is “Then a miracle occurs.”

Fighting fraudulent online reviews with math

Online reviews can make or break a business. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals frequently cheat by submitting fraudulent online reviews that either increase or lessen a business’ reputation, regardless of whether the individuals have actually used the product or service or have an opinion. These reviews are sometimes quite hard to catch and weed out, but researchers