Student that challenged Wall Street dies

Marina Keegan, a budding journalist and playwright, died Saturday, May 26 at the age of 22. The recent Yale graduate left a powerful message to young consumers. Be leery or Wall Street, she said. Be informed and hang onto to youthful optimism. Tragic accident Keegan had graduated from Yale only days before the tragic event.
Women giving bagged goods to a homeless man sitting  on a sidewalk.

Alternative ways to support a charity (Pt. 2)

There are alternative ways to support a charity that may never have occurred to you. Consider these options that involve giving your time, or even giving money in an unconventional way with which you may not have already been familiar. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Alternative ways to support a
Private school

Tax credit scholarships misuse state funds – Part 1

In recent decades, America has seen the rise in the popularity of educational alternatives like home schooling and private schools. Some private schools even receive public funding for scholarships to give students from less fortunate families a chance at a private school education. However, much of that money, according to the New York Times, is
Screen from an “Ace Wright” Wii game, depicting the main character, who is an attorney.

Why law school is a bad idea right now (Pt. 1)

This isn’t a lawyer joke, or even a setup for a barrage of lawyer jokes – unless you’re into that kind of thing. No, this is a reminder that the cost of a college education has outpaced inflation significantly, and that student loan debt is the next bubble that, upon bursting, will smite the U.S.

Community college graduates out-earning those with BAs

Educators, parents and politicians alike keep telling us to get that sheepskin, that a middle-class income is not obtainable without at least a bachelor’s degree. Yet, according to new research, more and more community college graduates are out-earning those with fancy schmancy bachelor’s degrees. Community college graduates surge ahead A new study by Georgetown University’s
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How to cancel your student loan and avoid interest

All aboard for the next U.S. financial crisis! Student loan debt is being called the next great bubble, and experts claim the continued rising cost of higher education will set that bubble to burst as borrowers who cannot keep up with payments lapse into default. For those who receive student loans but wish to leap
A statue of the Greek titan Atlas, whose charge was to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders. Similarly, when one makes an accusation against another as Richard Eskow does against payday loans, the burden of proof can be just too difficult to shoulder.

Richard Eskow and the burden of proof re. payday loans (Pt. 1)

Richard Eskow, a private-sector consultant who works for corporations and organizations that include the World Bank, is rather miffed about what Lawrence Meyers had to say regarding Eskow’s anti-payday loans argument. While Meyers is something less than professional in the manner in which he addresses Eskow (referring to him as a “simple child”), the exchange does
A wrecked school bus half in and half out of a ditch.

Congressional candidate David Harmer says kill public school

As midterm elections approach, the campaign platform for tea party GOP California congressional candidate David Harmer will probably downplay Harmer’s views on public schools, writes Nick Baumann for Mother Jones. Reportedly, Harmer wants to eliminate public schools because he views them as “socialism in education.” Once the slate is clean, America can go back to
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Using Personal Loans to Fund Car Leasing

Leasing a car Many consumers are using personal loans to fund car leasing. But do they really understand the terms?  It’s important to understand what car leasing is, as opposed to purchasing. Leasing a car is to buying a car what renting an apartment is to owning a property.  For a certain period of time

Money and Championships – There is a Link

Sorry, you don’t get a full article, but since I am doing a segment on the NCAA with its connection to finances, I thought I would share the great info graphic I ran across on Pinterest about money and championships. There just may be a relationship between money and championships as well as one with
Richard Cordray

CFPB to oversee nonbank student loan servicers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a new rule on March 14 that will allow it greater oversight of non-bank firms that collect and keep records of student loans, both federal and private. CFPB ‘oversight to the student loan market’ The new rule would give the federal watchdog the authority to audit the activities
H&R Block

H&R Block filing glitch delays 600,000 federal tax returns

More than 600,000 taxpayers using H&R Block could see lengthy delays in the procession of their tax returns, due to a filing error. Most of those affected are college students. The delay could affect the applications for federal financial aid for many. H&R Block blunder involves education credits The delay has to do with those
saving for college

529 accounts reach record highs as intuitions climb

One alternative to costly student loans — that can hound a young professional years into his or her career — are 529 college savings plans. Last year, the average balance of 529 accounts grew to a record total. Still, few are using them. Record year for 529 accounts A new report from the College Savings
tax preparer

Finding a reputable tax preparer

In the wake of judge’s decision last month, the IRS has backed off on its plans to mandate competency standards for tax preparers. Some in the industry would have welcomed the regulation. Others are glad to see it overruled. But, without help from the federal tax service, what can taxpayers do to ensure that they
The Mega Monopoly game board.

The top money management board games

Kids learn best through play, so when it comes to developing financial literacy, money management board games can be invaluable. These board games make learning about money management fun. Top money management board games No. 1 – Cash Flow 101 Developed by financial self-help guru Robert Kiyosaki, Cash Flow 101 teaches players how about personal
MBA Master Business Administration

Save money – Don’t get an MBA, unless your school is top-tier

Closely held beliefs about the value of certain college degrees have been challenged by some compelling numbers. Research indicates that the median salary of ABA law school graduates a year after graduation is $45,000, with an average debt of $150,000. So from a debt-value standpoint, law school could be out. Now studies indicate that the
America really loves bacon.

Breakfast food sales rise through recession, but not healthy kinds

The breakfast food sector has seen a consistent rise in sales during the recession. Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so that should be heartening news. But the gains mostly represent the increased consumption of bacon and sweet pastries. Have we as a nation been feeding our worries throughout