Financial Planning
Gen Z and money

Gen Z learns from money woes of parents

A recent study shows that Generation Z — those young people between the ages of 13 and 22 — are already saving and thinking about how they will pay for college. Growing up in downturn Earlier studies have indicated that young adults — so-called Generation Y, or Millennials — are more knowledgeable and concerned about
Nest Egg

Increasing the value of your retirement nest egg

At one time, a wage earner in the United States could put earnings into a bank CD for retirement and live on the interest. But with the cost of living rising faster than interest rates, that is no longer possible. There are many other investment strategies a wage-earner can use during his or her working

Survival Tips for Two Income Households

In two-income families, it is common for one person to earn significantly more than the other. At one time in history, it was a given that the male partner was the primary breadwinner, while the female companion typically cared for the home and children. However, as times have changed and women have become a more

Wedding insurance policies becoming more common

According to the website Cost of Wedding, the typical wedding in the U.S. today costs about $26,542. And what happens if, after putting down thousands on a reception venue months in advance, the hall files for bankruptcy? More and more often, engaged couples are opting to take out wedding insurance to guard against such events.
Phillippine stock market board, July 2008.

Common myths about diversification of your stock portfolio

If you’re a novice to investing, mutual funds and 401(k) accounts, you may be confused by some of the terminology. Diversification is one of the more misunderstood terms. In basic terms, diversification means investing in a variety of different assets so that if one drops, the whole portfolio won’t plummet. But it doesn’t always work
Would it be smart to lease a SmartCar? Image from Flikr.

Using Personal Loans to Fund Car Leasing

Leasing a car Many consumers are using personal loans to fund car leasing. But do they really understand the terms?  It’s important to understand what car leasing is, as opposed to purchasing. Leasing a car is to buying a car what renting an apartment is to owning a property.  For a certain period of time
Bank of America building - trust your bank

Do You Trust Your Bank? Most People Don’t

Phrases like “bank bailout” and “too big to fail” have left a sour taste in the mouths of consumers. The results are easy to see in recent consumer confidence polls, suggests Bankrate. The question “Do you trust your bank?” posed by banking consultants BAI & Finacle in their biannual Index of Bank Sentiment survey received
After the wedding

Post-nuptial agreements protect assets after the wedding

It is conventional wisdom that at least half of all marriages end in divorce. Recently, that vague figure has come under fire, with some experts saying that divorce is on the decline. But whatever the figure, divorces are common enough. While it is unromantic to consider the possibility after saying “I do,” the fact is,
financial checkup

Your mid-year financial checkup

The year’s halfway point is still a month away. However, it is a good time to start thinking about and preparing for your mid-year financial checkup. Much like a yearly physical or an annual tune up for your car, a regular checkup of your financial health can do much to keep you on track monetarily.

Money Smart Week teaches consumers about finances

As a nation, we are woefully under-informed when it comes to money management. In an attempt to change that, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has teamed up with the American Library Association to bring you Money Smart Week. In more than 30 states Money Smart Week started in the Chicago area. Since then, it
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MyStartingPoint teaches financial literacy online

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that public education systems have largely neglected. According to a recent survey conducted by the nonprofit group Community Financial Education Foundation (CFEF), the time for Web-based financial education has come. With its MyStartingPoint program, CFEF believes that it can deliver to an intellectually starved public. Healthy financial habits
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How to avoid the stagnation of wage slavery

Do you live to work, or work to live? Anyone who does either of these things runs the risk of becoming a wage slave, trading freedom for meager subsistence, day after day. It’s a slippery slope that leads to choreographing every aspect of your lifestyle around living paycheck to paycheck. If you have given up
Find the right mortgage for you.

Avoid debt and save money: Choosing the right mortgage

For most first-time homebuyers, understanding mortgage banking is like taking a crash-course in theoretical physics. Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest financial investments most people will make in their lifetimes, so it is important to make sure you make good choices for your situation. The right mortgage can create a solid investment
A heavyset man and a fit woman in a bikini meet on a tropical beach. A cruise ship is visible in the background.

Discover your love and money score this Valentine’s Day, Pt. 2

This concludes your Valentine’s Day money quiz. CLICK HERE for part one. Communication is key As with anything else in a lasting relationship, communication is vital. When you and yours last talked money, how did it go? Ideas were exchanged Silent moments were prominent Food was flung While food fighting may be a normal part
A heavyset man and a fit woman in a bikini meet on a tropical beach. A cruise ship is visible in the background.

Discover your love and money score this Valentine’s Day, Pt. 1

When it comes to love and money, couples should always have a plan. The whirlwind fervor of hot romance may burn, but if we aren’t careful, it can also burn through major cash. If you aren’t sure where your financial future as a couple stands, here’s a helpful Valentine’s Day money quiz, courtesy of Bankrate.
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US consumers resolve to fix waistlines over wallets

It’s 2012, and New Year’s resolutions are currently in effect. Are your resolutions more of the physical or financial variety? Are you planning to spend more time fixing your waistline or your wallet? Americans prefer dieting According to a recent survey by Allianz Life of Minneapolis, Minn., 49 percent of Americans say they are more
Credit card debt

New Year resolutions for financial health

The end of the year is only a few days away. Now is the time to think about ways to improve your fiscal outlook for the coming year. In these times of financial hardship, it is especially imperative to watch every dollar and get the most out of your money. These simple rules will help