money management
Gen Z and money

Gen Z learns from money woes of parents

A recent study shows that Generation Z — those young people between the ages of 13 and 22 — are already saving and thinking about how they will pay for college. Growing up in downturn Earlier studies have indicated that young adults — so-called Generation Y, or Millennials — are more knowledgeable and concerned about
school lunch

Save time and cash with healthy school lunches

If you have school age children and a job, you know that mornings can be a perfect storm. You want to send your kids off with healthy and appealing school lunches; but in all the chaos, its so much easier just to give them money or to toss chips and a Lunchables into a bag. 
online dating

Pay vs free online dating sites

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of 2010, 60 percent of all heterosexual couples met online. It is only logical to assume that figure has increased in the last two years. Many in this economic downturn are likely in a quandary about whether there is an advantage to using a paid dating site vs

Things that cost more in the winter months

Many things affect the price of consumer goods at any given time of the year. As the seasons change, retailers will clear out old stock to make way for the items that will be selling next month. Knowing when to buy and when to pass is a bargain-hunter’s skill, honed with experience and observation. Below
Nest Egg

Increasing the value of your retirement nest egg

At one time, a wage earner in the United States could put earnings into a bank CD for retirement and live on the interest. But with the cost of living rising faster than interest rates, that is no longer possible. There are many other investment strategies a wage-earner can use during his or her working
Coupon cat

Coupon fraud hurts all shoppers and raises prices – part 2

As we saw in part one, taking advantage of coupons costs us all in the long run, whether the fraud is intended or not. Here are some of the more common scams and often-self-motivated mistakes that people make in couponing. Email coupons suspect Bud Miller, executive director of Coupon Information Corp., wrote that coupons forwarded
cell in storm

AT&T and T-Mobile join forces to help Sandy victims

According to the Federal Communications Commission, about 25 percent of all cell towers are down in the 10 states affected by Hurricane Sandy. However, in a rare act of cooperation between the communications rivals, AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that they will be temporarily joining their networks to provided service for Sandy victims in two
Baby Boomers

Fewer inheritances as cost of retirement rises

According to a pair of recent studies, more and more people approaching retirement age are ill-prepared for it. Many are not even aware of the true costs that lay ahead of them. As a consequence, the tradition of leaving a financial legacy for you children is rapidly becoming a quaint custom of the past. Fewer
Israeli Pancake Mix - convenience foods

Convenience Foods—Thrifty or Spendy?

The Lure of Convenience Foods Ever wonder how you can rack up such a huge credit card debt so fast? Many people tend to use their credit cards at grocery stores, mostly buying convenience foods. Why the lure of these items? Why is it that people would rather spend money on pre-made convenience foods that
Credit union

Credit unions have their best year ever – a few years ago

Statistics show that 2011 saw a record number of people enrolling in credit unions. Consumers continued to leave traditional banks in reaction to unending fees, and out of a continued mistrust of those institutions following the economic downturn. A record 91.8 million members The ranks of the nation’s credit unions swelled as another 1.3 members
santa applies

Holiday hiring at its highest in five years

Holiday hiring is predicted to be up this year. That is good news for job-seekers. However, others wonder if enough shoppers will turn out to justify those temp hires. Seasonal hiring up, study shows The employment site Snagajob recently released a study of holiday hiring. According to the report, it will be at its highest

Survival Tips for Two Income Households

In two-income families, it is common for one person to earn significantly more than the other. At one time in history, it was a given that the male partner was the primary breadwinner, while the female companion typically cared for the home and children. However, as times have changed and women have become a more

Use Airbnb to reduce lodging costs when traveling

Airfares and lodging rates keep going up, making travel increasingly difficult in a fragile global economy. However, with sharing sites like Airbnb, the lodging costs at least can be significantly reduced, if you are willing to embrace the unconventional. Unconventional lodging through Airbnb The website Airbnb matches up travelers with those willing to rent out
A smiling old man.

Spare yourself these retirement savings excuses

If you think that saving for retirement is a boring chore that has little to do with your young life, reconsider before it’s too late. It’s always a good time for sound financial planning and investment in your future. Be wary of the following excuses for not saving for retirement. Postponing retirement savings excuse No.
The Last Picture Show

Does digital technology The Last Picture Show for movie theaters?

I have heard and read that movie theaters are hearing their death-knell  a multiplex worth of times. The general argument is that DVDs, Blu-Rays, Redbox and especially streaming video, will put them all out of business once and for all. However, they still remain, and I believe they will be around as long as people

Should airlines be able to tell travelers what to wear?

Air travelers has been forced to jump through a variety of unpleasant hoops in recent years. Fist, it was the beefed-up security following 911, leading to shoe inspections, controversial x-ray screenings and the like. Then the proliferation of nagging, undisclosed added fees. Now, apparently, you’d better make sure what you are wearing passes muster, too,
An Occupy Wall Street gathering of Guy Fawkes types. A 99 percent sign is visible.

OWS Rolling Jubilee to focus on debt liberation

Occupy Wall Street may not have changed the financial landscape of the United States to a radical degree as planned, but that doesn’t mean that long-term goals aren’t still on the agenda. According to various sources, a group associated with the movement is planning a venture through which distressed loans will be bought up at