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Amazon Locker

Amazon now delivers to your local store

Online shopping is more and more becoming the norm for many in this rapidly-changing age. But what about the  problem of deliveries when consumers are at work, or otherwise away from home? Nobody wants a package setting on their doorstep all day. has a solution, and so does the U.S. Postal Service. Amazon Locker

The secrets of a loss leader sale or coupon

When grocery stores and retail stores advertise deals, there are often a few items at seemingly unbelievable prices. Called “loss leaders”, these incredibly low-priced items can be budget savers, if you shop carefully. What is a loss leader? In the retail business, a loss leader is a product sold at or below the cost of
Pay raises

Tech, finance and admin workers may see pay raises in 2013

A report from a private staffing firm Wednesday predicted that you may be getting a pay raise next year. That is, if you work in technology, fiance or administration. But it is for the private sector only. Government employees are out of luck. Demand creates pay raises next year According to the new 2013 Salary
Close-up of a foreclosure sign outside a home property.

How to make your short sale go smoothly

Any homeowner who is underwater on their mortgage and wants an escape hatch has considered the merits of the short sale. Avoiding foreclosure by selling a home for less than the remaining mortgage balance may be a stretch for a lender. For the homeowner, such short sales can be stressful and time-consuming if not done

Summer jobs and internships: career gateways

According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, about 60 percent of 2011’s summer hires and interns became full-time employees. That is an all-time high. In today’s difficult job market, summer internships are becoming increasingly important as a first rung on the professional ladder. Record hires driven by economy The record

Let the U.S. Postal Service dinosaur live

Some of my friends believe it’s time to let the U.S. Postal Service go, that it’s a dinosaur that has outlived its time. The USPS’s recent announcement that it will cease delivering mail on Saturdays beginning in August has re-sparked such rhetoric. But I for one can’t imagine an America without a post office. Besides,
professional headshot

Picture on LinkedIn profile is essential

There is little doubt that a LinkedIn profile is essential to be competitive in today’s increasingly technological business world. But what about your profile picture? Does it increase or decrease the chances of non-white professionals to engage others? Does the so-called “beauty bias” work against those without classical features? People want to see what you
Horses and cows are both made of meat. Image

Horse meat scandal has sentimental underpinnings

Several reports of horse meat in products sold as beef has sparked a red hot controversy in the European Union. The practice is fraud, as food packagers try to cut corners with the less-expensive horse flesh. The problem no doubt needs to be addressed. But is the controversy so heated simply because of consumer duping?

Marijuana still safer than alcohol, study says

Voters in Colorado and Washington State decided to make marijuana legal for recreational use in November. That again raises questions about just how safe or dangerous it really is. Is it truly more worrisome for society than alcohol, which has always been legal and regulated for adults, except for a brief period of prohibition? Marijuana
Help Wanted

Things to think about before taking on a part-time job

When you need extra money, getting a part time job may sound like a good idea. Before you apply for or take a part-time job, consider carefully what the job may cost you. The costs of a job In addition to the time a job takes, there are several hidden costs that come with having
Health coverage

More workers choosing to opt out of coverage

A new report from Washington shows that the number of American consumers enrolled in employer-based insurance programs is continuing to drop. More workers opt out of coverage The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), which looked at federal data on employees aged 18 to 64, found that the number of working consumers getting health insurance through

Community college graduates out-earning those with BAs

Educators, parents and politicians alike keep telling us to get that sheepskin, that a middle-class income is not obtainable without at least a bachelor’s degree. Yet, according to new research, more and more community college graduates are out-earning those with fancy schmancy bachelor’s degrees. Community college graduates surge ahead A new study by Georgetown University’s
Joe Lieberman

Major banks hit by rash of expert cyber attacks – Part 2

A spate of “denial of service” cyber attacks have frustrated the nation’s largest banks over the past week. But who is responsible for the attacks? Although one group is taking credit, there are many who doubt the trustworthiness of those boasts. Islamic group claims responsibility for cyber attacks An Islamic extremist group, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam
Pot dog

Legal pot not jackpot for potheads

Marijuana aficionados may be rejoicing in Colorado and Washington, now that voters have passed state laws for legal pot. But experts say, tread with caution. For now, there is no guarantee that federal prosecutors still won’t crack down on users, growers and sellers. Legal pot laws pass Tuesday, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64. A similar
Lake Wallawalla in the Murray Sunset National Park

Apple Maps flaw strands motorists in Australia

Travelers getting their directions from the new Apple iOS 6 Maps may be doing so at their own risk. The police in Victoria, Australia are warning that those bound for the town of Mildura would be wise to buy a map or to use a different app. They say Apple Maps has it so wrong,

Bill Clinton does about-face on Doma, and good on him

Former President Bill Clinton is appealing to the Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which he signed into law, essentially barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages by defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Flip-flopping on Doma? As the Supreme Court prepares to take another look at
Close-up of a woman seated on a park bench. She's holding a small sign that reads “No.”

How to cancel your student loan and avoid interest

All aboard for the next U.S. financial crisis! Student loan debt is being called the next great bubble, and experts claim the continued rising cost of higher education will set that bubble to burst as borrowers who cannot keep up with payments lapse into default. For those who receive student loans but wish to leap