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Same day loans – quick help for any emergency

Same day loans When I went to jail, I found myself in quite a pickle. I had to work the next day, so it was a must that I post bail in time. Thank goodness for installment loans for bad credit through Personal Money Market. I had my husband apply for a payday loan or
Get cash now to cover the cost of spendy car repairs

Get cash now for spendy car repairs

When money is tight, many people hold onto their cars longer, creating a need to get cash now to repair them more often. Normally, a lot of people will “trade up” their vehicles so they do not have to deal with these costly repairs. But when people are tightening their wallets and bracing for a
Apply today for a bad credit installment loan.

A Bad Credit Installment Loan for Those with Less Than Perfect Credit

Information required for a bad credit installment loan To apply for a bad credit installment loan, you will need to provide the following information: Age. Must be 18 years of age to apply. Must be a legal U.S. citizen. Must provide current address. Verify identity with social security number. Employed for at least the past
Smiling man applies for bad credit payday loans.

Fast Bad Credit Loan – an Answer for Quick Cash

Do you need fast bad credit loans to help you finance an emergency you have at the moment? Well this is exactly what this type of loan is meant to assist people with. Fast bad credit loans were designed by lending institutions with the customers’ best interest in mind, particularly those in need of a
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Are Student Loans Causing Bankruptcy?

The average student loan debt of a college graduate has now topped $25,000. Not surprisingly, many bankruptcy attorneys have reported that student loans are becoming an increasingly prominent factor in bankruptcy filings. The state of student loans Student loans are a way many individuals finance their educations. The loans currently account for more than $1
A woman applying for a loan by phone.

Internet Privacy Concerns? Get a Loan by Phone

Applying for a loan by phone is perhaps the fastest, most convenient way of borrowing money. You don’t have to drive anywhere or visit multiple lenders just to get a helping hand. Sites like Personal Money Market are here to help you through your cash needs the fastest, easiest way possible. A loan by phone
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Why Short Term Loans aren’t Offered at Credit Unions

Short term loans and similar money loans have been a thorn in the side of banks and credit unions who have sought to gain a foothold as direct lenders in the short term credit market. Payday lenders have addressed the consumer need for quick cash with aplomb, making successful entry into the market perhaps more
Break free from bad credit with installment loans for bad credit.

Installment loans for bad credit | Break free from bad credit!

Get installment loans for bad credit today for your immediate cash needs. Don’t worry about your less-than-stellar credit – you are not required to have a perfect credit history to get approved for our short term cash loans. Bad credit becomes a thing of the past when you apply here for the cash you need
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Is College Worth the Cost of Student Loans?

  The past few months have featured a lot of coverage about the booming levels of student loans. Unlike other installment loans, there’s no way to discharge the debt, and many students are left holding the bag with fewer opportunities for decent employment. Many are questioning whether college is worth it. College not worth student
Financial Institutions ans Payday Loans

Most Financial Institutions Do Not Offer Payday Loans

There is a good reason a traditional bank or credit union doesn’t offer payday loans. Many people have wondered why it is that a small loan for a short period of time is solely the province of payday lenders. Banks and credit unions steer clear of the practice. There are good reasons why payday loans
Small business loans

Small Business Loans to Start Your New Venture

Starting a new business takes time, energy, focus, and always money. Many people look for investors, many finance it themselves, and many use small business loans. Many low-interest and no-interest loans, however, are sitting unused. Using small business loans to create jobs The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, among other things, made a point of
cap rates on cash advances

Cap Rates on Cash Advances are not Ideal

Cap rates on cash advances is a common practice in the financial industry. It may seem like it’s a good thing to do to protect consumers from unfair interest rates. In reality, interest rate caps can sometimes be an unfair standard on cash advance loans. Furthermore, rate caps constrain businesses in an industry in which
What to Do if student loan collections Debt Collector Calls

Student Loan Collections – What You Should Know

There are trillions of dollars of student loans currently in the U.S. market, and $67 billion is in default with student loan collections. Student loans are one of the few things that can’t be written off in bankruptcy, doesn’t go away after seven years, and must be paid off at some point. Though there are
short term loans facts

5 Things to know about Short Term Loans

Can short term loans help? Times are tough and money is short. Are you struggling with less money than you need to get by? Have you had an emergency and just need a little help? Would Short Term Loans help you get through? Do you have concerns about getting paydayloans? Do you have credit problems,
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CFPB to oversee nonbank student loan servicers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a new rule on March 14 that will allow it greater oversight of non-bank firms that collect and keep records of student loans, both federal and private. CFPB ‘oversight to the student loan market’ The new rule would give the federal watchdog the authority to audit the activities
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Debt rate falls for young adults, but not a good sign

A recent study found that, in the last decade, the debt rate has decreased dramatically for American young adults. While that sounds encouraging on the surface, in fact it reveals a troubling economic trend. The reason for the decline is that the bulk of young adults just have too few assets and too little income

Student loan debt higher than ever, says report

According to a recent study by the Institute for College Access and Success, the average college student who graduated last year has $26,600 in student loan debt. That is the highest in the seven-year history of the report. Student loan debt up 5 percent In 2010, the average amount of loan owed by graduates was