Romney continues to flip-flop on Detroit

Three years ago, GOP presumptive candidate and Detroit-native Mitt Romney said America should let its top automakers go under.  Then, last month, he tried to take credit for the auto industry bailout. He is now saying he would sell out the nation’s remaining stake in GM at a loss. Detroit flip-flops In 2009, President Obama’s

Judge orders union and Hostess mediation, saves Twinkie

The worst crisis the world has ever faced has perhaps been saved by two aggrieved parties agreeing to potentially compromise. It isn’t peace in the Middle East, but instead the judge overseeing the Hostess liquidation has set up a union and Hostess mediation, possibly saving the Twinkie. Union and Hostess mediation arranged The most devastating
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Women investors are better than men, studies say

Traditional Wall Street wisdom would have us believe that, when it comes to investing, women are inferior to men because of their more emotional nature. However, two new studies fly in the face of that wisdom. Both conclude that, not only do women investors have the edge over men, but that edge is precisely because
An Air France Boeing 747 in the sky.

How travel can aid your career

Travel is one of the more enjoyable experiences in life. However, it can be worth more to you than free drinks and the serenity of pristine resorts and beaches. Learn how travel can aid your career. Gain foreign language skills High school and college foreign language courses are only the beginning of being able to

HSBC latest bank caught money laundering for drug cartels

HSBC, one of the largest banks in the nation, and in fact the world, has been caught money laundering for drug cartels and a veritable murderer’s row of international criminals. Though the bank is clearly culpable for its actions, it is hardly the first of its kind. Largest bank in Europe caught money laundering for
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Prepaid debit cards for kids, pros and cons

Some are touting prepaid debit cards as a progressive way to pay a child’s allowance. Supporters say they teach children how to handle money in a digital age. Others say those lessons are dubious, and better taught in other ways. Prepaid debit cards for kids With so many purchases now being made online, a cash
Hurricane Sandy

Price of gas up and down in the short run

There were conflicting reports on elements affecting the price of gas in Friday’s news. Just as an ample supply is driving down the price of oil, along comes Sandy, the “Frankenstorm,” to cause rumors of a possible hike in gas prices. Falling price of of late According to Daily Finance, the price of oil dropped
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Class action suit alleges travel deals websites are price fixing

A lawsuit, seeking class-action status, has been filed against some of the biggest travel deals websites of price fixing among other shenanigans. Travel deal websites usually offer cheap airfare and hotel rooms, but there are some who believe such sites aren’t entirely on the level. Travel deals sites accused of price fixing According to Daily
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Pay vs free online dating sites

According to the Wall Street Journal, as of 2010, 60 percent of all heterosexual couples met online. It is only logical to assume that figure has increased in the last two years. Many in this economic downturn are likely in a quandary about whether there is an advantage to using a paid dating site vs
Free shipping

The latest holiday sales ritual: Free Shipping Day

The line between the holidays and commerce continues to blur. Today is another annual event designed to promote holiday consumerism. Friday, Dec. 16, is the fourth annual Free Shipping Day. And in addition to free shipping, many online retailers are planning bargains to lure in more customers. Friday, Dec. 16 Free Shipping Day is always
“The Conversation,” a statue in Calgary, Alberta.

Business networking tips to help you break the ice

Business networking is an essential skill, whether you’re looking to get your career off the ground or improve your prospects mid-career. Yet not everyone knows how to do it. Here are some suggestions for striking up and concluding networking conversations smoothly. Getting started with networking First, it’s time for introductions. This is your first opportunity
A USPS mailbox.

Startup Outbox takes on USPS by digitizing physical mail

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced cuts to Saturday service in an effort to save money. This is in large part because consumers are opting to save money on message delivery by using electronic transmissions. Now, thanks to a startup company named Outbox, consumers can save money and time (and the USPS may lose more
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Lack of small business loans driving US entrepreneurs to China

Thomson Reuters reports that U.S. small businesses borrowed 18 percent more money in January than recent trends have indicated, what experts would take as a sign of recovery. Yet as Bloomberg Businessweek suggests, things aren’t as good for small business in the U.S. as they may seem. According to small business owners like Tim Erven

Coupon clipping can help, but it has a dark side

Anything that saves us money in this troubled economy is worth pursuing. Coupon clipping can help keep grocery and other expenses down, and those savings can add up. But there is a dark side to couponing. Popularized the a TLC reality show “Extreme Couponing,” for some the practice can become an obsession that consumes their
spending locally

N.J. town give residents tax break for spending locally

One town in New Jersey is trying a little economic stimulus of its own. The residents of Marlboro can now get a break on their property tax bill if they infuse the township’s economy by spending locally. Spending locally feed local economy A local economy is like the national one in that it is fed
gun control

Gun control debate on fire, gun industry defensive

Gun ownership has become one of the most heated debates in the nation, polarizing consumers from coast to coast. Gun sales are rising in an already thriving industry as aficionados stock up, fearing what may come. The White House is considering 19 separate gun control measures that could be passed by executive order. Meanwhile, it
A while hypnosis spiral on a black background.

Retail hypnosis and the art of getting you to buy

A common misconception surrounding hypnosis is that it can somehow make a person do something they wouldn’t otherwise do, something completely out of character and in violation of their values. However, if a person is on the fence or wishes to be persuaded, hypnosis and related tactics like subliminal advertising may help grease the wheels,