Alternative ways to support a charity (Pt. 3)

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Alternative ways to support a charity typically involve boundless generosity. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Hamed Saber/Flickr)

The alternative ways to support a charity are sure to impress your friends and let others know that you genuinely care about improving their quality of life. Click if you missed PART 1 or PART 2 of this article.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 16 – Yard sale bargains

If you know that items at a yard sale are donated and that the proceeds will go to help a charity, frequent those garage sales. By becoming a buyer, you are putting money in a charity’s coffers, perhaps as a rainy day fund.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 17 – Shop at retailers associated with charities

Retailers that are known to work with charitable organizations are more than worthy of your patronage. Shop at such a retailer’s establishment and know that your money is being put to good use that exceeds corporate profit.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 18 – Participate in charity coupon days

Stores always tend to offer coupons at one time or another, but when the coupon day is tied to a charity, participants actually buy a coupon for a discount on goods and services. It supports your charity and you’re getting things you need (ideally).

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 19 – Buy the cookies

So long as you’re dealing with a reputable organization with clear contact information, it pays to listen to the kids on the street. Whether it’s cookies for Girl Scouts or magazines for the local Boys and Girls Club, buying from child volunteers is a great way to help your charity from a monetary standpoint.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 20 – Buy items from a charity’s wish list

Whether it’s or your local department store, if there is a wish list that has been filed by a charity whose goals you support, get to shopping. The more you buy from the list, the more you’re supporting that charity financially.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 21 – Organize athletic charity events

Few things bring people together for charity like a nice 5K fun run, walk or race-walk. Bike rides are also great, and these can be held over longer distances, such as within a large park or even a metro-downtown area. Make T-shirts and get people excited about supporting the charity you have in mind. Entry fees for competitions can be funneled straight back into charitable work.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 22– Get extreme

Take your average athletic invent intended to support a charity, then turn it up to 11. Events where the organizing organization provides the public with training while funds are being raised are ideal. Extreme sports are more popular than ever, so why not allow the most adventurous among us to climb and explore every nook. Give away branded charity water bottles and more, and let the entry fees roll in for your charity.


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