Alternative ways to support a charity (Pt. 1)

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Let’s face it – not everyone has the ability to make a sizable cash donation to their charitable organization of choice. Sometimes, it can pay even more to find alternative ways to support a charity. By donating your time, skills and goods, you can give to a charity in ways that a cash payment can never equal. With fall and winter at our doorstep, supporting a charity can make the difference in whether a family in need enjoys a happy holiday season.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 1 – Volunteering

Opportunities to volunteer in the community can be found all over the place. The unfortunate thing is that too few people even consider that to be giving to charity. Yet it most certainly is. What for posted signs at schools and your place of work, in hospitals or community centers. Choose a volunteer duty that inspires you and will allow you to bring the most positive energy to the people you help.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 2 – Help one-day service projects

There are a wide variety of churches, schools and professional organizations that organize full- or half-day service projects that aid particular groups in need. Whether it is a cause that helps the environment, the local food bank or those individuals who are unfortunate enough to not have a place to call home, a day’s worth of your time can make a positive difference in the quality of life for a panoply of living creatures.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 3 – Volunteer at work

As an outreach to the community, many large and small businesses offer conscientious employees with the opportunity to volunteer. In some cases, participating in a business-sponsored charitable function may even get the employee some time off work in order for them to give to charity.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 4 – Making charitable giving a family affair

Some giving to charity events like cleaning up a local park are easy enough for even young children to participate. However, if you have teenaged children and want to support a charity through time in service, there are even more opportunities available. Check with your local community center and see what charity events work best for your family.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 5 – Sign up to help out on event day

Whether it’s a folk arts festival at the local college or a composting fair in the park, festivity organizers need help of the not-for-profit variety in order to ensure that things run smoothly. Get involved by offering to man booths, sell tickets or stuff envelopes and you will not only be helping improve your community by ensuring that important events go off without a hitch, but you may earn yourself special bonuses like free meals or a ticket into the event once your charitable duties are complete.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 6 – Online volunteerism

Giving to charity in your spare time via the World Wide Web is also possible. Online communications for a local charity are just one of the many things a charity-minded individual can do. Check out websites like for more ideas, suggests WiseBread. Simple, short-term online assignments can be a good way to test the waters of giving to charity without a tremendous commitment of time and resources. That way, over-commitment problems can be avoided right out of the gate.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 7 – Make your act of charitable giving a social event

Invite your friends to join in whatever act of charity you choose, provided it is a service venture. It’ll make things more fun, and you’ll get more work done.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 8 – Attend community eat-outs

Alone similar lines as the previous point, get your friends together and go to pancake breakfasts and similar charity events put on by local organizations. Sharing conversation over a good meal is always fun, and when the cost of those meals subsidizes improvements to your community such as coats for underprivileged children or new flowers for the local park, it’s great to bring friends along to increase the charitable donation.

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