Real, honest to goodness, chocolate toothpaste available

Most of the time, chocolate toothpaste is a silly fantasy because quite frankly the chocolate and sugar is going to rot one’s teeth. However, a real, honest-to-goodness, chocolate toothpaste, called Theodent, has been concocted and is available for sale though it isn’t quite what one thinks. Chocolate toothpaste is unfortunately not actually chocolate Believe it
A series of paper houses on display, low angle from the right of the frame.

Tips for buying a newly built home

The thought of buying a newly built home is exciting for almost anyone. However, one shouldn’t overlook the important questions. Here are some tips to consider when buying a new house. Hold out for custom features Try to persuade the builder to change a few things before you move in, in case things aren’t exactly

Defiant states may get stuck with federal health care exchanges

Part of the Affordable Care Act is the creation of “health care exchanges,” online market places for people to buy health care coverage. States that snub at the law may not be able to circumvent the law, as the federal government may well step in to bypass political shenanigans. Health care exchanges to function like

When a daily deal is not a deal

When is a daily deal not a deal? When a better price can be had, of course. Even if you see 50 percent off discounts, continuing your search for the best prices on all the things you buy is a good idea. Here are some tips to help. Don’t cave under pressure A common element
Motion blur shot of a grocery cart speeding through a store aisle.

How to take best advantage of groceries for gas rewards programs

Despite recent positive fluctuations, the cost of gasoline is still high for average families. Merging trips to the pump with trips to the grocery store can provide some relief. If your local grocery chain offers a rewards program that translates into discounts per gallon at the pump, it would be prudent of you to take

Funeral costs still on the rise

The death of a loved one is a taxing event emotionally, and the costs associated with death are only increasing. Funeral and burial costs have been on the rise for years and show no signs of slowing. Governments having to shoulder cost of more burials The cost of a burial, funeral costs and dealing with

Let the U.S. Postal Service dinosaur live

Some of my friends believe it’s time to let the U.S. Postal Service go, that it’s a dinosaur that has outlived its time. The USPS’s recent announcement that it will cease delivering mail on Saturdays beginning in August has re-sparked such rhetoric. But I for one can’t imagine an America without a post office. Besides,
A clothesline

Underwater Freddie or Fannie backed mortgage owners left to drown

A select number of people are getting a mortgage write-down under the “robo-signing” settlement. However, those with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac are being hung out to dry. Settlement pending approval According to Reuters, the nation’s five largest mortgage lenders have agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by 49 states and the
Example of a wireless router with cut beer cans attached to the antenna to boost the Wi-Fi signal.

Using a beer can to extend Wi-Fi

Let’s face it – in the First World, Internet access has become an almost expected accoutrement of modern living. While municipal Wi-Fi has largely failed in the U.S. to date, home Wi-Fi is not uncommon. But here’s the problem – how can you boost the Wi-Fi signal to your bathroom? That’s where the important work
Metro bus

Public transportation usage still increasing

For the past few years, more people have been turning to public transportation in order to save money on the cost of a daily commute. High gas prices and less-than optimal conditions led to the second-highest year of use in American history. Bus in the wind The past few years have not been all that

Know the financial risks of becoming an expatriate

A growing number of U.S. citizens in their retirement years are leaving the country for what they believe to be more hospitable financial climates, according to Bankrate. Locations such as Buenos Aires, Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama rank among the most popular expatriate destinations. While things like health care and purchasing a home may be
Piggy Bank

Almost half the nation has more credit card debt than savings

Debt is for the most part bad, as it is a liability, and cash is good, because it is cash and thus an asset. However, a recent Bankrate survey found almost half the nation has more credit card debt than emergency savings, a worrisome sign. Survey says slim majority has more cash than credit card

Bank branch offices closing in record numbers

More bank branch offices closed than opened last year, says an annual report from the research firm SNL Financial. It was the largest number of closures in any year since the firm began keeping track back in 2005. More than 1,000 bank branch offices close A total of 2,267 bank branches were shuttered in 2012,
professional headshot

Picture on LinkedIn profile is essential

There is little doubt that a LinkedIn profile is essential to be competitive in today’s increasingly technological business world. But what about your profile picture? Does it increase or decrease the chances of non-white professionals to engage others? Does the so-called “beauty bias” work against those without classical features? People want to see what you

Banks bringing free checking back from the dead

Free checking accounts, or checking accounts that have no monthly fee, are thought to be an endangered species. However, free checking accounts are starting to make a bit of a comeback. On the list with the spotted owl Many Americans have been getting fed up with their banks. Increasing fees and the elimination of perks

The difference between theoretical and real savings

There are plenty of opportunities to theoretically save hundreds or thousands of dollars. The difference between theoretical savings and actual savings, however, can mean the difference between making and breaking your budget. The case of programmable thermostats As has been studied multiple times, programmable thermostats are supposed to help you save money by saving energy.

Cost of Disneyland and other theme parks trending up

Most kids dream of going to Disneyland and other theme parks like SeaWorld and Universal Studios. However, many parents are likely to dread taking a trip, because the cost of said parks is becoming extravagant. Magic Kingdom makes cash do a disappearing act When a person wishes upon a star, Disneyland does not make it’s