DIY is becoming more common every day

When it comes to trying to cut expenses and save money, doing it yourself, DIY, is often one of the first suggestions. A recent survey by JPMorgan Chase has found that more people are going to be trying to doing it themselves more often in 2013. The DIY numbers In 2012, many people are planning
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How to succeed at a foreclosure auction

Looking for a foreclosure property? You’ll want to know how to find a trustee sale (aka foreclosure auction), where the trustee of the mortgage is making the property available for sale. Here’s how to find foreclosure auctions in your area, as well as what to expect from such undertakings. Foreclosure auction tip No. 1 –
Tax debt

IRS expands its taxpayer forgiveness program

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Monday that it will be expanding its “offer in compromise” tax debt forgiveness program with some key changes that will make it easier for more middle-income Americans to pay down their delinquent tax debt. A more flexible Fresh Start The changes to the “offer in compromise” program, part of
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Things to buy during fall

It’s fall, and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. That means Black Friday is waiting in the wings, too. In order to enjoy big fall savings, here are some things to buy during fall. Things to buy during fall No. 1 – Lawn furniture The season for outdoor barbeques and lounging on the patio may be gone,
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How to make a haunted house without spending a bundle

Halloween is almost here, and you’re running out of options for ways to show your neighbors that you have spirit and a sense for the macabre. Scare your neighbors with these do-it-yourself ideas for how to make a haunted house! How to make a haunted house tip No. 1 – Plan a path Shape and
Wal mart

Walmart faces class-action suit in Chicago

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, along with two temporary employment agencies, are facing a lawsuit in Illinois. The suit alleges that temporary workers were forced to work through their breaks, come in early and stay late, with no overtime compensation. Walmart faces proposed class action The suit was filed Monday, Oct. 29, in the Chicago

Layaway back at Walmart and other stores

As the past few years have made it harder for people to justify making large purchases on credit cards, stores have been starting to bring back layaway. Paying for things on the installment plan has become more popular, as Walmart and other retailers are prominently featuring their layaway plans. Walmart rolls back its roll back

Cell phone carriers and FCC reach agreement over bill shock

Many people have opened a bill from their cellular phone company to discover it’s drastically inflated; this is often called “bill shock.” Federal regulators and cellular carriers have reached an agreement to let people know in advance if they are due to get a big bill. Cell phone bills got attention from Feds Last year,

Being a whistleblower can really pay and really cost

There are rewards offered by various government agencies for being a “whistleblower,” or informing of law-breaking going on in various areas. Whistleblowers do stand to make a fortune in some cases, but it can come at a cost. Man receives third 7-figure whistleblower reward CNN reported recently that an anonymous whistleblower, who goes by the
Joe Lieberman

Major banks hit by rash of expert cyber attacks – Part 2

A spate of “denial of service” cyber attacks have frustrated the nation’s largest banks over the past week. But who is responsible for the attacks? Although one group is taking credit, there are many who doubt the trustworthiness of those boasts. Islamic group claims responsibility for cyber attacks An Islamic extremist group, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam

The best and worst states to grow old in

The elderly are one of the demographics hit hardest by the recession and the ensuing downturn. But things could be getting even worse for them still. As campaigning politicians promise to cut government benefit programs, a new study suggests that many of the nation’s elderly could not survive without them. The study breaks down which

Obama voters rent hike vowed by Colorado landlord

A lot of people aren’t happy that Obama was re-elected and are looking for ways to punish the people who voted for him. Whether they’re just being babies remains to be seen, but one Colorado landlord is promising an Obama voters rent hike. Obama voters rent hike threatened Normally, if someone really gets too put
Blood pressure

Health care and health insurance costs continue to climb

Health care costs are rising; no matter what direction health care reform is decided, insurance costs are expected to go up. For the average family of four with an employer-supported health care plan, costs are expected to top $20,000 in 2012. The rising cost of health care The annual cost of health insurance and health
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Top 10 places to retire in the US, part 2

Retirees, here’s information you need to know when it comes to choosing a place to roost for retirement. This concludes this article of covering the top 10 places to retire in the U.S. CLICK HERE if you missed part 1 of this article. Athens, Ga. Downtown Athens, which is within walking distance of the University
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Top reasons why your credit card application can be rejected

While there is some risk involved, applying for a credit card can be a worthwhile way to build your credit score. Unfortunately, many people receive that shocking rejection letter in the mail, and they don’t fully understand why. Here are some reasons why your credit card application can be rejected. Credit card rejection reason No.
IRS Headquarters

IRS budget cuts costing taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service has few fans but serves an essential function. Currently, budget cuts and other issues at the agency are costing taxpayers. Budget cuts causing issues Few federal agencies are as maligned as the Internal Revenue Service. Joe or Jane Taxpayer may think that trimming the IRS budget is a blessing. However, there

IRS form 1099-K changes reporting for online payment processors

Any income a person brings in should be reported to the IRS, but there are billions of dollars a year that are not reported. This “tax gap” will be getting smaller in the 2011 tax year when payment processors must start filing form 1099-K. What 1099-K requires Form 1099-K will be a new form required