The Looney Tunes Gospel of Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan, conservative pundit and former Nixon staffer, is often accused of going off the deep end. Maybe he hasn’t, but the guy certainly has a screw loose. Pat Buchanan’s Love Affair with Vladimir Putin Celebrity worship certainly applies to world leaders, but Pat Buchanan is in love with Vladimir Putin – not exactly the

Is Ukraine Worth Going Nuclear Over?

For those that haven’t been following the news, Russia has invaded the Ukraine, specifically the Black Sea port region of the Crimea. In the meantime, the U.S. military has been engaging in drills related to nuclear warfare scenarios, begging the question of whether the Ukraine situation is getting that far out of hand. Ukraine bringing

Glenn Greenwald – American Hero or Villain?

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story, is a controversial man, but some label Glenn Greenwald an American hero. Others think him a villainous muckraker, making problems where there should be none. Glenn Greenwald an American hero of journalistic tradition Some would call Glenn Greenwald an American hero in the tradition of

Putin – a Neo-Fascist Spawn of Hell

Few doubt that Vladimir Putin is a neo-fascist at this point and anyone that does is delusional. Though timid steps were taken towards democracy after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia is descending quickly into an authoritarian state again. Putin a Neo-Fascist in fundamental sense While the words “fascist” and “neo-fascist” might be oft-bandied

Three Reasons To Say No To Mitt Romney In 2016

It’s easy to come up with three reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney in 2016, should he run. Naturally he’s vacillating about whether he will, but if he should, there are some pretty good reasons why not. Romney in 2016 would be more of the same Among the reasons to not vote for Romney

GE Has Made A Lot Of Everybody Else’s Money

If there is one company that exploits the rules encouraging crony capitalism better than anyone, it appears GE would be the one. General Electric seemingly can’t make a lot of money on its own, so it relies on everyone else’s to stay afloat. GE sues to get a refund Remember the “GE pays no taxes”

American Dreams Die Hard: The Death Of The Republic

The American republic is dead. Or at least it’s dying, lingering on life support in a coma and clinging to what little life is left in it. What little democratic choice is left is of little meaning or consequence. American Republic Practically In Name Only Though the American republic still has “democratic” elections, there are