Fascism in America

Yes Virginia, Fascism in America can happen

Fascism in America, some insist, is impossible; it could never happen here. Yes, Virginia, it can happen here and the turn in America towards fascism is dismally and infectiously increasing, sort of like a disease. Fascism in America Comes with Corporate Logos Comic George Carlin once opined that fascism in America arrived with Nike swooshes

It’s A Fact – America Is An Oligarchy, Not A Republic

How Could America NOT be an Oligarchy? Let’s face it – we, the people, don’t really count for a whole lot anymore. Economic and political power is concentrated in few hands and America is an oligarchy. Studies show policy America in America dictated by oligarchy A recent study by Princeton and Northwestern University professors showed

How being cheap can cost you

When it comes to being smart with your money, there are two directions: being cheap and being careful. While it is true that being cheap will save you money in the short-term, there are many situations in which being cheap can actually end up costing you more. Associated costs When buying anything from a car

Investing in the life you have

Study after study has shown that habits are built by the things that we do every day, not the things that we do only every once in a while. Combined with the market research idea of “maximum use imperative,” it means most of us spend more money on the life we want to have, rather