Audit guy

Seven red flags to avoid a tax audit

Only about 1 percent of all Americans will face a tax audit any given year. Some audits are selected completely at random, but most are in response to red flags. Avoiding these red flags will do much to reduce your chances of becoming part of “the 1 percent.” Charitable deductions Excessively large charity contributions are
what bonds can do

Know what bonds can do for you

If you’re looking for an investment that offers steady reward with relatively minimal risk, consider bonds. Conservative investors have flocked to bonds for years because they remain comparatively steady when the stock market is volatile. The Wall Street Journal advises young investors to populate up to 15 percent of their retirement accounts with bonds. What
Pawn loans

Pawn loans having a renaissance thanks to television

Television shows that feature various people who run pawn shops, offer pawn loans or buy and sell items for profit have popped up in the past couple of years. Now, wealthier customers are starting to frequent pawn businesses. The trade has suddenly gained respectability that it has not always had. Reality television makes stars of

Payday Loans are Proving to be Reliable Funding Options

The market has changed The payday loan is a viable option in today’s market. Although a few short years ago the lending world was giving out money freely, things changed after the recession. Lenders were tight-fisted with money due to the huge amount of defaulting loans they had on their hands. While that saved them
Installment Loans

More Consumers Need Installment Loans to Pay for Electricity

Electricity prices rise steadily Mary Grace of Spokane, Washington said, “More than a few times this summer we’ve had to dig deep into savings and use installment loans to make ends meet. Our electricity bills are outrageous this time of year.” Grace is not alone in her issues with the electric company. Her main concern