A Loan till Payday Can Help You Get Ahead

Getting a loan till payday is misunderstood in some circles The economy is a wreck. The jobless rate is rising. Homes are still being lost to foreclosure. Gasoline prices are creeping back up. Groceries are more expensive every week. Despite it all, plenty of people still have secure jobs and healthy bank account balances. Many
Three women mock-dumpster diving for grocery store coupons.

Tame grocery budgets with extreme couponing and other tricks

Saving money can be rigorous, but the rewards are ample. This is particularly true with your grocery budget. Tricks of the trade like “extreme couponing,” stockpiling and waiting for sales and clearance may seem like a bother at first, but the money saved and the pounds lost are worth the effort. Kathy Spencer knows how
Personal tax filing

Save money by doing your taxes now

There can be a lot of misinformation and fear involved in doing your taxes. However, there are so many incredible opportunities that can help you save money on your taxes. The trick is to find out about them ahead of time. Waiting until the deadline, April 15, removes all your options to save money. So,

Americans Using Payday Loans as Bailout is Still Unraveling

The bailout program extended Payday loans are predicted to remain popular funding options as the economy continues to lag. Last week President Obama announced that the administration has extended the $700 billion financial bailout program until October of 2010. That’s sad news for many Democrats, who were hoping the leftover funds would be put toward