crockpot meals

Save Money with Crock pot Meals

Many people are in search of ways to cut costs on weekday meals, and a crock pot is a great solution. The best meals from a crock pot take just minutes to throw together and use inexpensive ingredients, and crockpots themselves cost less than a meal out. No matter what you like to eat, a

Was Your Information Compromised in the MasterCard and Visa Data Breach?

MasterCard and Visa payment processor had a “massive security breach.” The data breach reportedly could have compromised up to 10 million credit card numbers. The data breach According to the warning MasterCard and Visa sent out to banks last week, a processor’s credit card data was compromised. Both Track 1 and Track 2 data was
Consumer Confidence Fairy

Stock Market Compared to Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence and the stock market often take markedly different paths. The Consumer Confidence Index, fueled by a brightening employment outlook, finally rose to levels and is above and beyond expectations. The stock market, on the other hand, is still unstable as investors are still dealing with the European debt crisis and escalating hostilities between

Unemployment Declining While Pay Wages Stay Minimal

Pay for working stiffs barely moves Though the news of accelerated hiring was considered a sign of a possible return to health for the economy, real wages are still in the gutter for most people.  Average wages have been barely growing, increasing by 0.7 percent for all workers in the same period, according to Bloomberg.
small cash loans

What Causes People to Get Small Cash Loans?

When do you need money? When your car breaks down only when your broke, when super-discount airline tickets are no longer discounted, when you’re out of cash until payday? Have you ever drained your checking account but forgotten to pay the one bill that should have been paid before all the others? Small cash loans
San Jose

Where You Live Matters When Job Hunting

Even with the economy getting better job hunting can be a real challenge across America. So where is the best and worst place to live when looking for a job? Read on to find out if you are located in the right or wrong city. Job search differs from city to city The job hunting
Bride and Groom

The Institution of Marriage is Not Gone Yet

The study in question, conducted by the Pew Research Center and TIME Magazine, said that up 40 percent of Americans think marriage is becoming obsolete . However, the people who provided that answer didn’t define how they meant it — for instance, it’s unclear whether they meant they thought it was obsolete, or thought it
Free Couch

You Don’t Have to Pay a lot for a New Couch

Replacing a couch or love seat Replacing furniture and appliances is part of every day life, and for some it can be a somewhat unpleasant experience. Replacing living room furniture such as a recliner, a couch or love seat can also be expensive. New furniture can cost hundreds of dollars, and financing can be risky.

Credit Union vs Big Bank, the Showdown

Credit Unions vs. Banks The main reason consumers tend to have better experiences dealing with credit unions is that their corporate structure is totally different from the banks’.
Gift Cards

Are there actually problems you might run into with Gift Cards? released a study that evaluates state policies on collecting gift cards as unclaimed property and found two major implications for consumers: one that provides an opportunity and the one that presents a problem. The opportunity allows consumers to reclaim the full value of their expired gift cards, while the problem inhibits consumers from claiming
Crossroads: Bankruptcy or Counseling

The Complicated Decision to file for Bankruptcy or Not

Bankruptcy goes hand-in-hand with unemployment and foreclosure Unemployment figures are still as horrible as ever, especially with the monthly gains and decreases that just won’t stay stable. Unemployment is a lagging indicator, so even after the economy begins to improve, the jobless rate is likely to rise for some time. With no end in sight

Credit Reports are not always secure

Credit reporting agency Teletrack, which specializes in subprime credit reports, has been fined by the FTC for selling credit reports illegally. The agency was found to have sold credit reports to payday loan lenders and has to pay $1.8 million in fines to the Federal Trade Commission. Company cited for selling credit reports for marketing
Smiling man applies for bad credit payday loans.

Fast Bad Credit Loan – an Answer for Quick Cash

Do you need fast bad credit loans to help you finance an emergency you have at the moment? Well this is exactly what this type of loan is meant to assist people with. Fast bad credit loans were designed by lending institutions with the customers’ best interest in mind, particularly those in need of a