House - mortgage rates

Housing Prices v. Mortgage Rates

Nationwide mortgage rates are creeping up despite dismal sales and demand. Interest rates on major mortgage products have been rising steadily for the past few months, though the rates are still near record lows. The real estate industry is still embroiled in a quagmire involving foreclosures, and demand is nearing an all time low. Cheap
Riverfront Park Spokane - Fun on a budget

Yes You Can Have Fun on a Budget

  If you’re looking to have fun on a budget this summer, but are burdened by a miniscule budget, consider what your community has to offer. A little creativity and a community activity guide can lead you to free fun in no time. Here are some ideas about how to have family fun without spending
Clare College - student loans

Is College Worth the Cost of Student Loans?

  The past few months have featured a lot of coverage about the booming levels of student loans. Unlike other installment loans, there’s no way to discharge the debt, and many students are left holding the bag with fewer opportunities for decent employment. Many are questioning whether college is worth it. College not worth student
to do before you're 30

Three Things to do Before You’re 30

What should you know about finances before a certain time? There really is no answer to that, but here are three things to do before you’re 30. If you haven’t done these yet, don’t worry it’s never too late to start. Stay out of debt This is possibly the most complicated piece of advice out
old spider-man scams

Are the Elderly More Likely to Conned by Scams?

Popular wisdom would have us believe that seniors are more susceptible to falling for scams because of diminished brain activity, coupled with an accumulation of assets. However, new research suggests that as people age, they may lose those “spider senses,” or gut feelings, that alert people to situations in which they should raise their guard.
IRS Headquarters

IRS Budget Cuts Cost You Money

The Internal Revenue Service has few fans but serves an essential function. Currently, budget cuts and other issues at the agency are costing taxpayers. Budget cuts causing issues Few federal agencies are as maligned as the Internal Revenue Service. Joe or Jane Taxpayer may think that trimming the IRS budget is a blessing. However, there
Smart Phone and Tablet Use

Save Money Shopping on Your Smartphone or Tablet

More American’s than ever have a smart phone or tablet, and they are quickly replacing the common laptop and desktop. With this comes more shopping from the smartphones than ever. With new technology comes new ways to be wise with your money. There are still several ways to save money while using your smartphone. Standing
Financial Institutions ans Payday Loans

Most Financial Institutions Do Not Offer Payday Loans

There is a good reason a traditional bank or credit union doesn’t offer payday loans. Many people have wondered why it is that a small loan for a short period of time is solely the province of payday lenders. Banks and credit unions steer clear of the practice. There are good reasons why payday loans
The Last Picture Show - movie theaters

Are Movie Theaters Finally Seeing Their End?

I have heard and read that movie theaters are hearing their death-knell a multiplex worth of times. The general argument is that DVDs, Blu-Rays, Redbox and especially streaming video, will put them all out of business once and for all. However, they still remain, and I believe they will be around as long as people
Spokane Lilac Festival

75th Annual Spokane Lilac Festival This Saturday

It’s time for a little hometown spirit. This weekend Spokane, Washington will celebrate its 75th annual Spokane Lilac Festival, and the world’s largest Armed Forces Torchlight Parade. This is one of the many claims to fame my small city has to offer, and I am proud to support them. So what is the Lilac Festival?
IRS 1040 Forms Post Office April 14, 20112

You’re More Likely to be Audited if You’re a Millionaire

Tax season is over and now the IRS will start their audits. According to a report from the Internal Revenue Service nearly twice as many millionaires were targeted for tax audits in 2011. That’s right, you’re more likely to be audited if you’re a millionaire. Number of all audits about the same The overall audit
Small business loans

Small Business Loans to Start Your New Venture

Starting a new business takes time, energy, focus, and always money. Many people look for investors, many finance it themselves, and many use small business loans. Many low-interest and no-interest loans, however, are sitting unused. Using small business loans to create jobs The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, among other things, made a point of
Debt Consolidation, Circa 1948

Steps for Planning Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation loans can be a good way to simplify your debt. But when it comes to debt relief, it’s only the first step. You have to change your spending habits as well, or you’re simply trying to borrow your way out of debt, which doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at
Mother's Day 2013 Poems by Daughters

DIY Mothers Day Ideas 2013

Mothers Day 2013 is almost here, and you don’t have a present. You also don’t have much money, but you’re crafty. Why not try one of these cheap, DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas? Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Smell your way to potpourri Homemade potpourri is a great, cheap way to remind mom that
Exterior of brick home with arched entryway

Is the Housing Market finally Stable?

The housing market will be largely on its own. The Federal Reserve’s $1.25 trillion program of buying up mortgage-backed securities ended and the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit ended a long time ago. The Obama administration’s emergency money program to provide debt relief for up to 4 million households by restructuring distressed mortgages has produced only
cap rates on cash advances

Cap Rates on Cash Advances are not Ideal

Cap rates on cash advances is a common practice in the financial industry. It may seem like it’s a good thing to do to protect consumers from unfair interest rates. In reality, interest rate caps can sometimes be an unfair standard on cash advance loans. Furthermore, rate caps constrain businesses in an industry in which
Bank of America building - trust your bank

Do You Trust Your Bank? Most People Don’t

Phrases like “bank bailout” and “too big to fail” have left a sour taste in the mouths of consumers. The results are easy to see in recent consumer confidence polls, suggests Bankrate. The question “Do you trust your bank?” posed by banking consultants BAI & Finacle in their biannual Index of Bank Sentiment survey received