debit card and credit card

The Ultimate Showdown – Debit Card v. Credit Card

I pay my bills online all the time now, but what is better to use a credit card or debit card? They both have their advantages and disadvantages so which one is really better with price, identity protection, and fraud protection?  Electronic payments accounts for more than 65% of regular bill payments, and that percentage
short term loans facts

5 Things to know about Short Term Loans

Can short term loans help? Times are tough and money is short. Are you struggling with less money than you need to get by? Have you had an emergency and just need a little help? Would Short Term Loans help you get through? Do you have concerns about getting paydayloans? Do you have credit problems,
Home Sales show the economy is getting better

Slow But Steady – Is the Economy Getting Better?

Is the economy getting better, or are we just adjusting to the drop? People around the country are living pay check to pay check. Don’t fret, there actually have been hopeful signs that the economy really is on the rebound. Manufacturing activity still is rising. Car sales are still happening, even years after the auto
Are your parents about to cut you off?

Are Your Parents About to Cut You Off? What to do

Living off Mom and Dad It’s that time of year where seniors are apply to colleges, kids are getting ready to graduate high school and move out on their own, and parents are expecting more independence from their kids. You may find yourself in a place where your parents are about to cut you off.
Facebook logo - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Facebook deal and the IPO

When Goldman Sachs invested $450 million into Facebook, it was big news on Wall Street. They made the news again when people sued Facebook and Goldman Sachs for misleading investors. Where does this leave people today? The Goldman Sachs Facebook deal, plus an additional $50 million investment from a Russian firm, gave Facebook an implied
BP Settlement - Deepwater Horizon

BP Settlement to Pay $4.5 Billion – Where’s The Money

Oil giant BP has agreed in a BP Settlement to pay the federal government $4.5 billion in penalties for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the largest such settlement in history. BP still faces civil suits, but don’t worry. It is still making enormous profits. I am curious
Make Money on Twitter

Can You Still Make Money on Twitter? – You Can

How to Use Twitter as a Fast Cash Opportunity Just a few years ago, twitter was something people did with their thumbs when bored, and the possibility to make money on Twitter wasn’t in people’s mids. Today, it still involves using your fingers, but engaging in Twitter connects you to a world of people with
PMN on Flickr

PMN on Flickr – Join With Us & Share Our Photos

PMN homepage, a photo by PersonalMoneyNetwork on Flickr. PMN on Flickr – Personal Money Network is officially on Flickr. Stay tuned to see some of our incredible photos. PMN on Flickr We want to share our photos with you, give you the ability to share your photos with us, and just have fun with images.
DeScott Evans: Free Sample, Try One' , ca. 1890, oil on canvas. 60,5 x 25,4 cm. Private Collection.

How to Get Free Stuff – Even in 2013

Provided the merchandise you’re receiving isn’t caked with mold or the bodily fluids of the previous owner, their pets or the random passerby, it’s great to get free stuff. If you find out how to get free stuff early on in life – without having to break the law or use unspeakable favors as barter
email and credit worthiness with comcast van

The relationship between email and creditworthiness?

According to one website, there may be a correlation between your email and credit worthiness and your ability to repay credit. One credit score website took a look at its clients by email server and found some surprising results. There does seem to be a correlation between Internet server and credit score. Statistic based on

Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes

The market of premium WordPress themes has exploded in last few years and there have been many premium theme sites emerging to provide stunning and fascinating themes. What are the most popular WordPress themes? Our friends at WP Templates have compiled a list of the most popular premium WordPress themes today to help put you
Woman smiling at a computer with a child in the background.

The best financial tool can be found in saving money

For most people, saving money is something easier said than done. Even if you’re making more money now than you did three years ago, chances are you may still find yourself broke and buried in debt. So clearly you can’t blame your saving shortfalls on a measly paycheck. In fact, studies have shown that it
Photo of penny value game

The Real Penny Value – Is a Penny Worth Much?

Canada is now phasing out their penny following a few other countries who have decided a penny value is not worth much. Many in America have suggested we do the same. While this is not a news story, it reminded me of a math assignment I did as a kid and I want to do
Tax refund

How about that tax refund?

Last year, about 75 percent of Americans who filed tax returns received a refund. The average amount of those refunds was around $2,800. While many say they will use that money responsibly, recent data shows much of it is used for splurges. How do you plan to spend your 2012 tax refund? Remember, even though

California ballot Prop 19 results, what happened?

The voting results were in, but Prop 19 in California didn’t pass. With Washington and Colorado recently passing marijuana laws, some are wondering what went wrong with California. The measure, Proposition 19, would have dramatically decriminalize recreational use and growth of marijuana. The proposed measure had created a lot of controversy, as many say the