Gold bullion and coins arranged for the camera at a risk of a gold scam.

All that glitters might be a gold scam

What is a gold scam? Well, for the past few years, there has been an explosion of attention paid to investing in gold because gold prices are skyrocketing. The price of gold is certainly going up, and that also means that the risk of a gold scam is increasing. Gold the hottest new “old” commodity

Money and Championships – There is a Link

Sorry, you don’t get a full article, but since I am doing a segment on the NCAA with its connection to finances, I thought I would share the great info graphic I ran across on Pinterest about money and championships. There just may be a relationship between money and championships as well as one with
NCAA Basketball swish.

2013 NCAA Tournament Underway

The Zags had a narrow escape in the 2013 NCAA tournament yesterday afternoon, but they still managed to pull off a win. Like promised, here is another segment on how we pull together finances, the NCAA, and college sports. Today I want to focus on what the NCAA does to further education and not simply
Gonzaga plays Southern in the 2013 NCAA tournament.

The 2013 NCAA Tournament – Go Zags

It’s time to show a little hometown love with March Madness. As many people are well aware, the NCAA tournament starts today, and people are making predictions and getting excited from my hometown in Spokane, Washington, all the way to Miami, Florida. So who am I routing for? Gonzaga University! 2013 NCAA Tournament & the
A furnished apartment living room with wood flooring.

How to prepare for a renters insurance policy

If apartment living is your style, you’re going to want to invest in renters insurance. Much like homeowners insurance, this insurance for renters covers all of your possessions in the event of catastrophes like fire, theft or other loss. But you’ll have to take inventory before buying coverage. Here are some tips for taking stock

Earned Income credit is a wonderful thing

Several decades ago, Congress enacted a tax credit designed to help lower-income families called the Earned Income credit. It has many critics who liken it to welfare in reverse, but the credit is probably one of the best tax credit devised. Many kept afloat by Earned Income credit In 1975, according to US News and

Almost a billion dollars in unclaimed tax refunds

Every year, a number of people forget to file their tax returns, even though the IRS can work out the difference between what people pay and what they were paid. As a result, a huge amount of unclaimed tax refunds are just sitting there, waiting to be cashed in – almost $1 billion, in fact.
Richard Cordray

CFPB to oversee nonbank student loan servicers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a new rule on March 14 that will allow it greater oversight of non-bank firms that collect and keep records of student loans, both federal and private. CFPB ‘oversight to the student loan market’ The new rule would give the federal watchdog the authority to audit the activities
Marco Rubio, toe firmly on the party line.

Marco Rubio generalizes liberals as freeloaders

Following its disastrous campaign for the last presidential election, the Republican party has faced some bouts of self-examination, with many within the party calling for reform and greater acceptance of minorities if it wishes to be the party of the people it once flattered itself to be. Rand Paul himself recently said “The Republican Party

The prodigal Twinkies shall return after all

Many looked upon the end of Hostess and the Twinkie, and lo, did they do much despairing. However, an offer has been accepted for the Twinkie as a brand and the little cream-filled snack cake is set to return to stores. Twinkies, like MacArthur, shall return Millions were stunned in late 2012 as Hostess Foods,

Doritos Locos tacos, apparently, are job creators

One of the terms that gets flung around, especially during presidential campaign seasons, is “job creators.” A lot of things can be job creators, apparently even tacos as Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos reportedly added 15,000 jobs to Taco Bell’s payrolls. Doritos Locos were a great idea Ever watch those “TED” Talks? It’s basically a

Despite protests, homeless hotspots in Austin worked

An experiment was announced last year in Austin, Texas, called “Homeless Hotspots,” where homeless people were paid to carry around mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. There was a lot of criticism made of exploitation and so forth, but regardless, the experiment actually worked. Homeless Hotspots courted controversy There’s an annual festival in Austin, Texas called “South By

VA swamped in backlog of claims

The Department of Veterans Affairs, a.k.a. the VA, is swamped with a growing backlog of claims, a recent probe found. As a result, many veterans are waiting a year or more to receive the benefits they earned in the service of their country. VA backlog grows 2,000 percent in four years According to a new
Marissa Mayer

Three surveys back telecommuting, in spite of Yahoo

Last month, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer made the unpopular decision to end telecommuting programs for the ISP’s employees. Best Buy was quick to follow suit. However, not one but three recent surveys say she may have been too short-sighted. Staples Advantage telecommuting poll On March 8, reported on a survey commissioned by Staples Advantage,

User beware: free WiFi hotspots

Nearly everyone these days has a laptop or hand held device they can use to connect to the internet while they are out and about. And free WiFi hotspots are available at more and more businesses and public venues. The temptation is great, but there can be serious security risks to using these generally-unsecured connections.

Year round gardening is possible for DIY food producers

It absolutely is possible to grow your own food by gardening and at that, to do year-round gardening to keep the supply going. Year-round gardening doesn’t even have to be that expensive, as one doesn’t necessarily need a state-of-the-art laboratory to do it. Year-round gardening can let you grow your own food There are a
Internet sales

Retail sales up in spite of taxes and looming cuts

According to a Commerce Department report on Wednesday, March 13, retail sales grew from January to February by the largest margin seen in five months, and nearly double what some economists had predicted. That gain is likely driven by improved labor and housing markets, as well as rising stock prices. Retail sales increase a ‘positive