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How to negotiate and save a bundle

Everything is negotiable, from salary negotiation to what constitutes cut-off time for breakfast at the drive-thru. Unfortunately, most people are too afraid to ask. As such, they have no idea how to negotiate. Here are some negotiating tips you can put into use immediately, whether the game is saving money or making money. How to
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Gold investing not the hedge or slam dunk one might think

In the past few years, many asserted silver and gold investing was a good idea as other avenues of investment like stocks and real estate were losing value. It’s also thought to be hedge against inflation, but the truth behind gold and silver is a bit more complicated than the gold bugs let on. Silver
Economic uncertainty

Conflicting reports underscore economic uncertainty

A pair of recent economic reports appear to present conflicting assessments of consumer attitudes about the economy. However, taken together, perhaps they simply underscore the economic uncertainty and confusion that is so understandable at this time of political brinksmanship. Consumer confidence and economic uncertainty According the the industry group The Conference Board, the nation’s consumer
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Huge amount of tax money going to funding bank subsidy programs

It would stand to reason that the largest companies in various industries, say banking, wouldn’t need taxpayer help at all. However, the opposite is apparently the case as a Bloomberg report recently found the bigger they are, the bigger the bank subsidy, on the taxpayer’s dime no less. Bloomberg alleges banks make almost no profit
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Tips for saving money on vet bills

Pet care can be expensive. Once basic upkeep and maintenance are taken into account, there are still those times when a veterinarian is required. For anyone who has experienced the horror of vet bills, remember that taking some preventative steps can soften the blow next time. Here are some common-sense tips for saving money on
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Gay couples reap benefit of second parent adoption credit

Legally-married same-sex couples enjoy the same tax benefits as traditional married couples, but only as they relate to the income tax levied by their states. Not so when it comes to federal income tax. However, in a bizarre twist of the tax code, that very exclusion may actually give them an advantage when it comes
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Best certificates of deposit for first-time investors

Even though high yield isn’t very high anymore, you’ll still want the best rate of return available when you invest in a certificate of deposit. Your high-yield CD should also have an optimum load of features, from the right length of term and minimum deposit to most frequent interest compounding and other benefits like rate
Gas prices are creeping up again, after being on the decline.

Consumer price index shows slowing inflation

The U.S. Department of Labor’s recent consumer price index report was flat in January for the second month in a row. It is the most recent indication that inflation is leveling off in the United States. Consumer price index slows from last year On Thursday, Feb. 21, the Labor Department said that the consumer price index

Bills can become zombies as inheriting debt can sometimes happen

There really is no such thing as zombies, despite anything one might have seen on “The Walking Dead,” which is totally awesome, at least no zombie people. However, there is such a thing as a zombie bill, as there are a number of conditions under which inheriting debt is possible. Inheriting debt is not what

The basics of hyperinflation

Some people may have seen the word “hyperinflation” and are regaled with stories of doom, gloom and other bad economic tidings for the United States. Hyperinflation is basically regular inflation writ large and while technically a possibility, isn’t guaranteed to happen. What is this hyperinflation you speak of? A few might have seen the term
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Taking advantage of the solar panel tax credit

Are you taking advantage of the potential tax savings that come with the use of solar panels on your home? The solar panel tax credit – whether it’s part of the Federal Investment Tax Credit or a related state tax credit – is a great incentive for taking advantage of renewable green energy. Solar panel

In case of traffic tickets, insurance rates might not skyrocket

Conventional wisdom is that if one gets a traffic ticket, insurance rates go up and break the bank. There are some exceptions to that rule, as it might not be as bad as one thinks, but it’s generally the case and one should be obeying traffic laws anyway. Exceptions to rule exist about traffic tickets,
Funeral arrangements can be very costly, and out of reach for some people.

Burying a loved one when money is an issue

More and more people are living below the poverty line. Yet, poor or rich, we all are subject to the realities of life. The sudden death of a loved one can put lower-income people under water with unexpected funeral and burial or cremation expenses. But there are a few options available to keep costs at
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Tricks to keep fresh food fresh longer

Food costs are on the rise, and nearly every working American is feeling the crunch with the increased payroll taxes that kicked in on January 1. Wasting food by letting it spoil seems less and less of an option. But there are ways to keep fresh food from spoiling so quickly. Fresh food gone bad
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Feds raid Scooter Store in Medicare fraud probe

Federal agents have raided the offices of the Scooter Store, a company specializing in powered scooters for disabled persons, many of which go to Medicare recipients. The company is alleged to have carried out a massive Medicare fraud. Scooter Store raided for alleged benefits fraud Benefits fraud comes in many forms. In one form, individuals
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Dwolla set to challenge PayPal for online payments

There are those who became disenchanted by PayPal as an online payments option ever since it was purchased by eBay. Many have felt the sting of lost funds, account freezes and other service nightmares that some might say rest just this side of outright fraud. Then there are the fees. For those who desire alternatives,
Half of Americans have more than one old cell phone collecting dust, according to a study by MarketWatch.

Sell your old cell phones for easy cash

According to a recent report, Americans are hoarding old cell phones and missing out on billions in trade-in value. So what are you waiting for? Sell those old phones. You know you can use the extra cash. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment. Old cell phones worth $34 billion According to a recent study by