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Raising a child without breaking the bank

It’s far from news that raising children is expensive. However, there are ways that parents and caregivers can soften the blow. You can make child-rearing cheaper, if you have common sense and a little creativity. Here are some tips for saving money while raising a child. Raising a child and saving money tip No. 1

Sandy relief bill finally approved months after the fact

Months after the fact, the federal government has finally agreed that Super Storm Sandy or whatever one wishes to call it, actually did some damage. A Sandy relief bill, as it were, has finally been approved, allocation $50.5 billion in aid. Bickering only delays Sandy relief bill Typically, when a natural disaster strikes, the idea
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Equifax exposes third of US workers with Work Number database

There’s a database that credit bureau Equifax is selling access to and a lot of people probably aren’t happy with the odds that their information is on it. It’s called The Work Number and it lists employer and salary among other information of roughly one-third of the American population. Salary, employer info of one-third of
US Dollar

American GDP contracts for first time since recession

The American economy contracted in the final quarter of last year, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The nation’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, fell at an annual rate of 0.1 percent as defense cuts kicked in and businesses cut back on the stockpiling of inventories. GDP fell in last
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NLRB social media decision a correct one, but really, people…

A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board pertains to how employees can talk about their bosses, co-workers and/or place of employment on the social media. The decision takes New Deal legislation into the 21st Century. But that the case came up at all makes me scratch my head, wondering why people are so

Price of Microsoft Office becoming microharder to cough up

Most of the computer-using world uses a PC with a Microsoft operating system and for spreadsheet and word processing needs, Microsoft Office. However, continuing to do so is likely to start coming with sticker shock, as the price of the software is getting a steep hike. New version of Microsoft Office includes updated price scheme
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For people on unemployment, bank fees are a real killer

A recent National Consumer Law Center report found people receiving unemployment benefits are getting nickle and dimed to death by banks. Unemployment bank fees are about as counterproductive as it gets and it’s partially thanks to a sweetheart deal between them and the government. Unemployment bank fees chipping away at already meager subsistence The point
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Tips for buying a home with cash

How is buying a home with cash done? While not ideal for most people, this scenario does occur, particularly when sellers have noted that there are already competing cash offer on the property. Here are some things to expect if you’re buying a home with cash on the barrelhead. Buying a home with cash tip

Consumer confidence gains in 2012 erased by new report

In the wake of increased social security taxes and reduced pay checks, the nation’s consumer confidence has plummeted to its lowest level in more than a year, according to a Conference Board report. Conference Board Consumer Confidence Survey The Conference Board is an international organization that researches and reports information vital to the business community.

Barnes & Noble closing up to a third of its stores

Book lovers may lament the public’s shift toward digital formats for their reading pleasure. But the writing on the wall is clear. Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest bookseller, says it will close as many as a third of its stores in the upcoming ten years. Barnes & Noble growth rate in decline At the

Executive compensation at TARP funded firms still high

During the midst of the recession in the past few years, a lot of people were angry that large bonuses were being paid to executives whose companies were getting taxpayer-funded bailouts. The rage was seemingly justified, as the Treasury has been found to have approved lavish executive compensation. Treasury green-lit lavish executive compensation during bailouts

Large firm accused of being a multi-level pyramid scheme

Federal authorities recently conducted a raid on a multi-level marketing company, shutting the operation down and alleging the company was running a multi-level pyramid scheme. It isn’t the first company like it to get busted, nor will it likely be the last. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing raided for alleged multi-level pyramid scheme Many people over the
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Women’s health tip: Be cautious regarding dose for sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can have unexpected, even dangerous effects, particularly for women. This is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently reduced the dosage of the popular sleep aid Intermezzo, down from the 3.5 milligram dosage previously approved for men to 1.75 milligrams for women. It seems like a simple thing, but when it comes

Growing number of people opting for home funerals

Believe it or not, death is a business and a big one at that, given that death is the only constant aside from taxes and to some, the preferable of the two. Reports have been emerging for several years that a small number of people are opting for home funerals for a number of reasons.
Women in Combat

It’s about time they allowed women in combat

For those that haven’t been following the news, the Pentagon has reversed course of several centuries of American tradition, and thousands of years of military tradition, and allowed women in combat. It’s about time, too. Women in combat roles given the go-ahead Contrary to popular belief, female members of the armed services are already in

Debt collectors using social media, feds alert

Federal financial regulators are looking into ways to limit how debt collectors and banks can use social media in tracking down delinquent borrowers or attracting customers. Social media slips between regulatory cracks The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, established more than 30 years ago, protects consumers from many abusive collection practices. However, those laws were
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Marvelous ways to use mint for maximum savings

Peppermint is one of those herbs with many uses around the house. Instead of investing in various products, here are various money-saving ways to use the mint you already have. Some of these ideas may surprise you. Ways to use mint No. 1 – Repelling rats Planting a bed of mint in your garden deters