Django Unchained, like other films before it, is just a movie

Most people have heard of “Django Unchained” by now, the newly-released film by Quentin Tarantino. Some people have taken offense to parts of it, including the language, which is absolutely pointless just like controversies over films past it. Spike Lee out of things to complain about; chooses “Django Unchained” Famed director Spike Lee is a

East Coast port strike averted for now

News of a possible port strike by East Coast workers has worried many in an already-fragile economy that is teetering on the brink of the fiscal cliff. However, it seems labor and management have come to a tentative agreement and the strike has been averted — at least for now. Port strike threatened economic upheaval
A GameStop storefront at Universal CityWalk, Hollywood.

Five-year-old receives porn-filled Nintendo 3DS from GameStop

If you’ve ever purchased refurbished video game hardware or used software, you know that there’s a small chance that in spite of the store’s guarantee, it still may not work. However, nobody expects a refurbished Nintendo 3DS given to a five-year-old as a Christmas gift will cause trauma to an entire Lakewood, Colo., family. According

First Newtown shooting scam artist busted by FBI

We all knew it wouldn’t take long and lo and behold, a scumbag has borne unto us a Newtown shooting scam, looking to rip people off by posing as a charity. Nouel Alba, a New Yorker, posed as the aunt of a victim on Facebook and set up a donation fund, intent on lining her
A happy young woman seated on a beach.

How to make New Year’s resolutions long-term goals

Everyone is thinking about their New Year’s resolutions right now. But you know what that means – a few weeks of discipline and lots of backsliding. If you can adjust your thought process for long-term goals, however, you’re bound to remain happier for much longer. Make your New Year’s resolutions your “New Life” goals –

Amazon top online retailer for customer satisfaction

Amazon took the top spot in an annual survey of online shopper satisfaction, as it has in all eight years that the survey has existed. The survey authors point to Amazon’s model of putting customers first as something other online retailers — many of whom saw ratings slip from 2011 — would do well to
Wrapped gift

Skip online gift wrapping if buying gifts on the Interwebs

Many people probably bought gifts online recently and some probably also opted for optional online gift wrapping, where the retailer wraps it before shipping. On paper it’s a good idea, but in reality it’s waste of money, namely because the included shipping receipt discloses what the gift is. Online gift wrapping includes the receipt This
A teenaged female babysitter holding a young girl.

How to start a babysitting business

If you think U.S. unemployment is bad for adults, look up stats for teenagers. They want money to be independent, but where are the jobs for young people? Here’s how to start a babysitting business, something that is always needed in well-populated urban and suburban areas. How to start a babysitting business, step 1 –
fiscal cliff

Mixed economic indicators at fiscal cliff brink

The last week of 2012 has brought a confused mixed bag of economic indicators as the nation teeters on brink of the fiscal cliff. Jobless claims reached record lows, reflecting the job market’s growing recovery. Simultaneously, stocks and consumer confidence have plunged. Job claims fall as fiscal cliff looms In the week ended Dec. 22,
Artist's rendition of the iTunes logo.

Moving your iTunes library with minimal fuss

Let’s say you’ve invested a great deal of money into your music collection. If you’re a young listener, that probably means that the bulk of your collection is of the digital variety. When the time comes and your hard drive is stuffed to the gills, don’t mess around. Migrate your iTunes library safely and easily
Artist's rendition of the HSBC logo.

Atlanta counties sue HSBC for predatory subprime lending

Three counties in the Atlanta, Ga., area have filed a lawsuit against the British bank HSBC over allegations that the financial institution aggressively pushed minority groups into signing on for subprime mortgage loans that were likely to fail. Court documents state that the Atlanta-area counties of Fulton, DeKalb and Cobb lost hundreds of millions of
A charcoal iron box for ironing clothes.

DIY torture devices – Don’t try this at ‘Home Alone’

For those of you who were watching television this holiday season, did you manage to catch one of the more modern classics among Christmas movies, “Home Alone?” The little boy lost/home invasion story starring young Macauley Culkin as the mastermind whose DIY torture devices keep bungling hoods Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern at bay is
Man standing next to a street sign that reads, “Entering Startup.”

Trends entrepreneurs should watch in 2013

The new year is on its way, with new challenges in store for your small business. Here are some trends entrepreneurs should watch in 2013. Taking advantage of these opportunities can really drive your business. Trends entrepreneurs should watch No. 1 – Crowdfunding Traditional venture capital funding is become more difficult to find with each
consumer spending

Consumer spending rises to highest level in three years

In spite of worries about the unresolved fiscal cliff, Americans spent more in November than at any month in the previous three years. Personal income also rose along with consumer spending. Consumer spending, personal income grow The U.S. Department of Commerce announced Friday, Dec. 21 that consumer spending increased by 0.6 percent, after being adjusted
Mayan Calendar

Doomsday predictions that did not pan out

With the world set to end this week, it may seem like finances don’t matter any more at all. But hold on. Before you heat your house by burning $100 bills, adopt a wait-and-see attitude. The fact is, people have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of the world. And none
Payless Shoe Source

Inflation: what you pay more for this year

According to the Labor Department, consumer prices rose 1.8 percent in the first 11 months of 2012. That may not seem like a lot, but inflation adds up. Here are some things you are paying more for now than you did last year, in spite of stubbornly high unemployment and stagnant wages. Inflation: what you
A Very McDonald's Christmas

McDonalds employees asked to work on Christmas

Many major retailers took heat last month when they decided to keep employees on the clock and away from their families on Thanksgiving Day. Now McDonalds is playing the Ebeneezer Scrooge card by asking its franchisees to stay open on Christmas Day. It is unlikely, however, that those store owners will be putting in the