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Most U.S. cities see lower unemployment rates for 2012

The latest report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor found that unemployment rates have fallen for more than half of the nation’s 372 major metropolitan areas that it tracks. The new report is yet another indicator of a job market that is continuing to get stronger. Lower unemployment rates in 201 of 372 cities The

Lottery revenue goes to a lot of different places

Lotteries sure do generate a lot of money, both in taxes for Uncle Sam as he has quite the debt habit and the various states through gaming revenues. Where Lottery revenue goes is slightly surprising, as it varies by state. Lottery revenue has to go somewhere Hoo boy, how about that $500 million-plus Powerball jackpot?

There are some credit union drawbacks to be aware of

Every now and again, some people mull switching to a credit union from a bank they might be somewhat dissatisfied. It’s far from a bad idea, but there are some credit union drawbacks people should be aware of first. First of credit union drawbacks is that there is usually only one Some people might have

Winning the lottery: money can not buy happiness

The second largest Powerball lottery jackpot in history was on the table Wednesday, with a potential take home of $550 million. Although the chance of winning the lottery remains astronomically slim, that is life-changing money, for sure. But is change always necessarily a good thing? Odds of winning the lottery The odds of walking away

Study finds median family wealth plummeted over last few decades

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve asserted that median family wealth had plummeted almost 40 percent between 2007 and 2010. A recently released study by a New York University economist found that was scratching the surface, finding median family wealth is at the lowest point in 43 years. Median family wealth was higher in 1960s
Facebook Changes?

Facebook copyright concerns result of a hoax

For all those concerned about the copyright status of material they post on Facebook, it is time to exhale. The social media giant has debunked recent rumors as a hoax. Who owns material posted on Facebook? A chain post went viral on Facebook Monday Nov. 26, saying that users need to proclaim the copyright of

Mayan Apocalypse preparation reach fever pitch, high price tags

The Mayan Apocalypse, which is supposedly going to take place on Dec. 21, 2012, is fast approaching. Doomsday preppers are going positively batty, as Mayan Apocalypse preparations are taking place in earnest and some people are shelling out some serious cash. Mayan Apocalypse preparations include an honest-to-goodness Ark Holy documents of the Ancient Near East

Tips for parking at a crowded mall

The holiday shopping season kicked off in a big way over Black Friday weekend. People are out en force this year, hitting the malls and the stores. That means crowds, not just in the stores, but in the parking lots as well. The hunt and battle for a rapidly-dwindling number of parking spaces can make

Costs of gay conversion therapy fabulously high

There has been some controversy in recent years concerning “gay conversion therapy,” a method that purports to make homosexual persons, male and female, heterosexual. Little science supports it but regardless, people keep buying it and the costs of gay conversion therapy are considerable. Four sue to recover costs of gay conversion therapy Four men in
Histopathology of cytomegalovirus infection in the human kidney.

Self-boosting vaccine will make booster shots obsolete

Vaccines are triumphant products of decades of medical research, designed to inoculate us worker drones against disease and keep profits flowing. Traditionally, most vaccinations have to be repeated via booster shots over time to maintain their effectiveness. Today, however, researchers may have come across a formula for safe, self-boosting vaccine makes extra trips to the

Cyber Monday largest day ever for online sales

After a record breaking weekend of holiday sales, online retailers also made history on so-called “Cyber Monday.” According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, online sales were up by 30.3 percent over last year, making it the single largest day for e-commerce in history. Cyber Monday still relevant The Monday after Thanksgiving is now designated as
Autumn leaves on the branch.

Creative things to do with autumn leaves

Raking the yard is a seemingly endless chore during fall and winter. Most people either bag them for the trash or burn them, if their city allows it. Others use them to create mulch for plants. But where’s the fun in that? For fans of fall crafts, here are some things to do with autumn

Black Friday at malls brings Black Friday brawls

Ah, Black Friday, that glorious day where way too many people go out and shop for stuff, which a lot of people take very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that a number of Black Friday brawls took place over the weekend following Thanksgiving. Black Friday brawls break out Some people think that “Black Friday creep,”
Artist's rendition of the LinkedIn logo.

LinkedIn job search tips to use today

Has your online job search hit a snag? If you’re on LinkedIn, a helpful online social network is only a few clicks away. Invest the time and leverage the power of over 135 million business professionals today! Here are some LinkedIn job search tips to get you started. LinkedIn job search tips No. 1 –
Capuchin Monkey

Unequal pay even riles up monkeys

Getting a lesser compensation for the same task, unequal pay or unequal compensation, often rubs people the wrong way. People aren’t the only ones either, as a recent viral video showed that Capuchin monkeys got ticked off at unequal pay, in food, in a lab experiment. Equal pay and sense of fairness apparently innate to
unemployment office, circa 1916

Jobless claims drop, but remain high following Sandy

The number of people filing unemployment claims for the first time fell dramatically during the week that ended November 17. The jobless claim numbers from the previous week were skewed high in the fallout of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction. However, the new number is still higher than the year’s average, indicating a jobs market that is
A young woman sleeping.

How to get up early and make it a healthy, self-enriching habit

Waking up early can be difficult, whether your life and sleeping habits are the domain of the bluebird of happiness or the chicken of depression. If you find yourself hammering the snooze button in a punch-drunk stupor multiple times each morning as opposed to springing forth from bed early to take on the day, don’t