Flippin' Mitt

Flip-flopping on the campaign trail with Mitt Romney

The first known use of the term “flip-flop” in politics occurred on in 1890, when John W. Goff, running for district attorney in New York, said: Historical flip-flopping “I would like to hear Mr. Nicoll explain his great flip-flop. … Nicoll, who three years ago was denouncing Tammany, is its candidate today.” The term was
Vintage photo of Julia Meade, host of Gas Company Playhouse, in a 1950s-style kitchen.

Moving appliances in your kitchen without scratching the floor

Moving appliances in your kitchen isn’t all that different from moving furniture in your living room, save for the fact that in the kitchen, you’ll scratch the heck out of tile or fake linoleum if you aren’t careful. Assuming you’re in a money-saving, do-it-yourself frame of mind, here are some tips for performing the difficult

At least 401(k) plans are doing better

With all the bad news going around these days, people who have 401(k) plans have some good news. Earnings on 401(k) plans have been creeping up over the past year according to press releases from various outlets. Performance of 401(k) plans might ease that retirement anxiety In the past few years, a lot of people
Heart dissection from school. Avoid staring at it for too long if you are weak stomached. (Note: It's sheep, not human.)

Organ donation and the so-called perils of having an organ market

While the U.S. currently has a surplus of many common human organs ready for organ donation, countries like New Zealand face a troubling shortage, and many people die before suitable transplants can be located. Such events have prompted discussion of an “organ market” where economic incentives are used to persuade individuals to add to the
consumer spending

Consumer spending is up, personal savings down

A mixed bag of economic news was released by the Commerce Department Monday. On one hand, consumer spending rose in September, indicating a greater consumer confidence. Simultaneously, the average consumer also saved less for the third consecutive month. Consumer spending on the rise Consumer spending rose to $87.9 billion in September, which is a gain
Mind the Gap

Gender wage gap still dogs women, report says

A new report says that, despite the growing workforce, double standards still exist in terms of when women are paid vs. their male counterparts. Furthermore, the report says, the gender wage gap is evident almost immediately after graduation from college, and follows professional women throughout their entire careers. Gender wage gap still exists More women
Rub a dub dub muddy boys in a tub. Mud Volleyball at Slope Country Fair, Amidon, ND

The war on germs is killing our kids

Is your world dominated by hand sanitizer? Do you fear germs so much that you’ll do anything to maintain an ultra-clean, sterile environment? That’s fine if you want to punish yourself that way, but if you’re a parent, let kids be dirty. Dirty kids who are allowed to play outside and be children suffer from

People are even crowdfunding medical bills

Most people have heard about crowdfunding, soliciting a large number of people for money online, and a number of things it is being used for. Some people have lately been crowdfunding medical bills lately, and there are few things crowdfunding or crowdsourcing seem to be able to conquer. Why not start crowdfunding medical bills The

Debt collection agencies coming under CFPB supervision

There are a few groups of businesses that a number of people have been waiting for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to get under control. Perhaps the leading one would be debt collection agencies, which have been issued a number of guidelines by the CFPB. CFPB tells debt collection agencies a new sheriff is in

Even if Americans upped savings, inflation makes it pointless

For the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion about how Americans aren’t saving much money or at least not putting it aside. Even if people were to up the rate of savings, inflation rates have practically made it a pointless exercise. Savings rate could be higher but there is a hitch
Cash money

States holding millions in unclaimed insurance money

Hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed insurance money is just sitting there, waiting for beneficiaries to claim it. They should act in haste, rather than repent in leisure, as states get it if they don’t stake a claim to it. AIG returns $300 million to states in unclaimed insurance money Believe it or not,

Retailers fight showrooming for holiday shopping

The increasing frequency of a practice known as “showrooming” is taking a serious bite out of sales for brick-and-mortar retailers. Many of them are fighting back by agreeing to match the prices of their online competitors. Showrooming usually yields lower price Showrooming is an increasing trend that is good for frugal-minded shoppers, but not so
Occupy Wall Street marked its first anniversary with a day of roaming actions throughout the Financial District in New York City. Thousands of police massed to contain them, but only contributed to the chaos as they - not the demonstrators - sealed off Wall Street, harassed office workers and arbitrarily blocked side streets and intersections. Yours truly was knocked over by one officer of the law. There were about 200 arrests. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was there.

How the televised presidential debates are a fraud

The evening of Monday, Oct. 22, was the final installment in the presidential debates leading up to Election 2012. Did you know that by believing that that’s all there is in politics this election cycle, you are buying into a gigantic serving of fraud perpetrated against you? Did you know that by supporting the idea
Geoff Peterson

FTC offers $50K bounty for blocking robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission is sick of getting complaints from consumers about robocalls, which have been a headache for some time. Since many companies aren’t ceasing the practice, the FTC has announced a $50,000 prize for anyone who can figure out how to block robocalls. FTC prefers not to take robocalls alive There is a

Community based student loans an option for students

Student loans have been an item of concern lately, not only because of the incredible pace of growth in debt levels but also in interest rates assessed on them. There are some options beyond private loans or subsidized loans, such as community-based student loans, which are gaining traction. Community-based student loans, another instance of crowd
Amazon new hires

Amazon to hire 50,000 seasonal workers this year

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com Inc., is hiring more than twice as many holiday workers than it employs full-time year-round, just to meet the demands of the coming holiday season. Amazon gears up for holiday shoppers In order to fill the surge of orders it expects this year, Amazon says it will need to
piggy banks

Peer pressure is an effective savings motivator

A recent study found that high interest rates are not enough to get people to save more. What does work, however, is peer pressure: the social imperative to fit into a crowd. Healthy peer pressure Your mother used to warn you against submitting to peer pressure with quips like, “If your friends jumped off a