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Pew finds almost 20 percent of households have student debt

It isn’t exactly a secret that college students are having to go further into debt to finance their educations. A large number of people are saddled with significant financial burdens as a result, as a Pew Center study recently found up to 19 percent of households are dealing with student debt. Wildfire of student debt

Major banks hit by rash of expert cyber attacks – Part 1

A rash of cyber attacks has plagued the nation’s largest banks over the past week. However, banks say customers need not worry about the safety of their assets or personal information. Cyber attacks on an unprecedented scale The attacks began on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The most recent was on Thursday, Sept. 27, the day of

The fish fraud continues

A lot of people enjoy eating seafood, not only for the health benefits but also because a lot of it is darn tasty. However, one should be very careful paying too much and how they shop, because fish fraud is rife throughout the seafood industry. Supermarkets and restaurants join fisherman in fish fraud Fishermen are
A wall sign that reads, “100 percent Kobe Wagyu Beef.”

The most expensive restaurant meals on Earth (Pt. 3)

If you think a pampered cow can be expensive, you have no idea. Kobe Wagyu beef nets top prices at steakhouses, even for burgers. Kobe creations are part of some of the most expensive restaurant meals on Earth. Click if you missed PART 1 or PART 2 of this article. Most expensive restaurant meals No.
White truffles, mushrooms, Mirna river valley, Croatia.

The most expensive restaurant meals on Earth (Pt. 1)

In our recessional world, it has become de rigueur to scour the market for just the right materials to make the cheapest, healthiest meals possible. But sometimes, what’s in fashion is boring. If you suddenly find yourself with stacks of money, rather than randomly burning it like The Joker in “The Dark Knight,” why not
home prices

Fewer new home sales in August, but prices rise

New home sales fell slightly in August when compared to July, says the Commerce Department. However, the price of new homes simultaneously rose faster than it ever has before in a single month. Ups and downs of new home sales in August The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the about 373,000 new homes (seasonally adjusted)

Wireless bill a real killer for many families budgets

The land line is an endangered species, as just about everybody has a cellular phone instead. The average wireless bill is a real drain on most families’ budgets as more people are carrying smartphones and using up more data and so forth. Average family really does pay with the wireless bill Modern technology is a
stay at home dad

CFPB gives stay at home parents some credit

Since 2009, some stay at home parents have been denied credit cards because they do not have their own source of income. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking to correct that. CARD rules problematic for stay at home parents One unfortunate by-product of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act is that
Apple store lines

Waiting for iPhone 5 worth it for gray market premium

If a person really, absolutely, positively must be one of the first people to buy the iPhone5, there are two possible explanations. The first is that they’re a dummy and the second is that they are trying to cash in on the gray market premium, which is paid by dummies. Gray market premium can be
dog junk mail

Closing the flood gates on junk mail – Part 2

Junk mail costs the nation billions in waste disposal and it is on the increase, following a deal stuck between advertisers and the struggling U.S. Postal Service. However, steps can be taken to stem the flow of the unwanted mailings — to your mailbox at least. No junk mail websites The Kentucky newspaper the Hazard-herald
junk mail

Closing the flood gates on junk mail – Part 1

Forget about spam and junk emails, advertisers are still cramming their sales pitches into our mail boxes the old fashioned way. Are you tired of being the waste collector for these companies, even as they beg you for your hard-earned patronage? There are some steps you can take to minimize the hit. The cost of

Gamblers given a break by Sportsbook after blown call

The National Football League is currently embroiled in controversy over replacement referees officiating games in a lackluster fashion. However, people gambling on a recent “Monday Night Football” game are getting a break by, who won’t collect bets on the game, which involved perhaps the blown call to end all blown calls. Sportsbook proves bookies,
Pin pad

Most people unfortunately use the most common PIN codes

Several surveys have been done into the frequency of common personal identification numbers and there are disturbing trends. It turns out that more people share the most common PIN codes than probably should, as it renders them susceptible to their accounts being hacked. One of the most common PIN codes is the one idiots have

Discover Bank pays millions for misleading customers

Discover Bank has been fined by two federal regulators and ordered to pay millions back to its customers. The action comes following accusations that the lender used misleading language in its telemarketing campaigns. Discover Bank sanctioned following investigation Discover, part of Discover Financial Services, is the the sixth-largest credit card issuer in the nation. It
Marines using chlorine tablets for water purification.

Alternative uses for bleach you can try today (Pt. 3)

Water purification is one of the more viable alternative uses for bleach, provided it is done correctly. Click if you missed PART 1 or PART 2 of this article. Alternative uses for bleach No. 9 – Water purification in an emergency Not consuming bleach is a good life lesson. However, used correctly under certain circumstances,
Someone is stuffing their hand into a sink-mounted garbage disposal.

Alternative uses for bleach you can try today (Pt. 2)

There are numerous helpful alternative uses for bleach. These options are entirely safe, although some common-sense precautions are still necessary when bleach is involved. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Alternative uses for bleach No. 4 – Reverse dye a T-shirt Admit it, it has happened to you. You’ve readied a