Return to gold standard moving away from fringe

The United States hasn’t based its currency on gold since 1971, when Richard Nixon suspended the gold standard once and for all. Since then, a small number of people have been advocating for the gold standard to be reinstated and the idea is starting to get a modicum of mainstream advocacy. Gold standard committee mulled
back to school shopping

Back to school shopping on a budget

Back to school shopping season is here again. However, most American workers are earning about the same as they did last year. But prices keep going up. Here are some tips to equip your kids for the next school year without going broke in the process. Back to school shopping dilemma Back to school time
A man sits on a bed between two women who are in close physical contact with him.

Three-way civil union challenges definition of marriage, family

A recent ruling in Brazil is once again bringing the political theater of definition of marriage to the forefront – and conservatives in the South American nation are up in arms. BBC News reports that a notary in Sao Paulo has accepted a civil union between three people – two women and one man. According
Ben Bernanke

Fed Beige Book reports modest economic growth

According to the Federal Reserve Beige Book survey, released Wednesday, the United States economy grew moderately between July 1 and the middle of August, when compared to the previous six week period. Hiring also showed some gains, and inflation was mild. Payrolls, however, continue to remain stagnant. The Beige Book report The Beige Book report,
Wrath of God

Isaac: wrath of God

News anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), a character on Aron Sorkin’s new HBO series, “The Newsroom,” made a heartfelt lament for the days when Republicans were ruled by reason, and never blamed natural disasters on the wrath of God. Wind is not the wrath of God MacAvoy said: “I’m not a liberal, I’m a registered
Washing machine

Even appliances suffer from planned obsolescence

Ever try to get a replacement part for some item in the household, like a refrigerator or washing machine only to find the part isn’t made anymore? It’s called planned obsolescence, something manufacturers plan for to keep people buying more stuff. Name the product and there is planned obsolescence Manufacturers, for a long time, have
zombie banking

Bank of America buries zombie accounts for good

Bank of America says it will put a figurative bullet in the head of its so-called “zombie accounts,” to keep them dead for good. It will no longer accept electronic credits or debits to accounts that have already been closed, generating fees and other problems for unaware consumers. Zombie accounts stay dead at BofA Bank

Hurricane Isaac to cause spike in gas prices

Hurricane Isaac — recently upgraded from a tropical storm — could cause gas prices to spike for the next few weeks. It threatens the output of up to a dozen refineries in the Gulf region. Gas prices rise with refinery closures According to Reuters, the hurricane may cause the temporary closure of 85 percent of
Jail cells

Debt can result in jail through body attachment

Ordinarily, one should never believe threats from a debt collector saying they are going to have a person thrown in jail. However, some people are getting tossed in the clink, as some collectors are using the courts to enforce a legal trick called “body attachment.” A body attachment other than the limbs According to Time
The molecular model for dopamine.

To understand impulse shopping, one must understand dopamine

No matter how good it feels, perhaps it is best to exclude excessive amounts of dopamine from your “better living through chemistry” five-year plan. From the standpoint of impulse shopping, too high a concentration of dopamine in your brain chemistry mix can lead to impulse shopping, scientists believe. It also makes a person more susceptible
tax the rich

Americans believe rich do not pay enough taxes

A new poll by Pew Research found that most Americans believe the rich pay too little in taxes. Most also see the gap widening between the rich and the poor. Wealth, taxes and fair share Pew’s study, released Monday, August 27, polled more than 2,500 adult consumers between July 16 and July 26. Respondents were
A tip jar

Vermont restaurants adding foreign language gratuity

Restaurants in Burlington, Vt., have joined a fairly rare fraternity of businesses charging a foreign language gratuity. A restaurant in Hawaii was noted for doing so last year, and usually there is a somewhat-realistic rationale exists for doing so. Foreign language gratuity put down to culture shock Different cultures have different customs, including those regarding
back to school shopping

Parents take up slack from educational budget cuts

Parents across the nation are finding the costs of keeping their kids in “free” public schools are soaring. Many are being asked to help with office supplies and other administrative staples, to help make up for educational budget cuts, even as their own wages remain frozen. Aftermath of educational budget cuts In the wake of
A man exercises his creativity by painting a graffiti mural.

A list of every important thing you should care about (Pt. 2)

If you listen to nothing else, listen to this one important thing – you’re going too fast. Slow down and follow up on things like the following, which you no doubt take for granted. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Important thing No. 8 – Preserve your memories Unlike Johnny Mnemonic
Ripples in water

Perverse incentives for abortion and not drug testing for welfare

There is such a thing as a “perverse incentive,” or in other words, an unintended benefit or detriment from something. One can actually find them everywhere, some examples being abortion and states that don’t drug test for welfare recipients. Perverse incentives go both ways There is such a thing as a “perverse incentive,” or a
Bizarro Superman

Economic indicators in the Bizzaro World – Part 1

Over the years, many strange economic indicators have been proposed by “experts” that read like they might be more accurate predictors in the Bizarro World. Also known as Htrae (Earth backwards), it is a cube-shaped planet populated by gonzo versions of Superman and other DC universe characters.  Here are a few indicators of economic health
Trans World Airlines ticket cover issued on April 27, 1980.

Saving money at the airport and on airfare (Pt. 2)

Sometimes, it takes an airplane to connect you with your vacation or business bliss. Here are some more tips for taking advantage of discount airfare. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Saving money at the airport tip No. 10 – Travel during the off-season The off-season, also referred to as the