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401(k) loan defaults continue to increase

Every year, a number of people elect to take a 401(k) loan, an early withdrawal from their 401(k) account, which they have to pay back. Unfortunately, an increasing share of these loans aren’t paid back, as the number of 401(k) loan defaults has risen in recent years. Sense of borrowing stymied by 401(k) loan defaults
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New regulations impose greater penalties on moving scams

Every year, a number of people are ripped off or have their possessions held hostage by moving scams. Some new regulations by the Department of Transportation, though, promise harsher penalties for moving companies that don’t follow the law. Moving scams often hold possessions hostage Moving scams can result in a person’s possessions held hostage. The
London 2012

Beware of counterfeit Olympics merchandise in London

Counterfeit sports merchandising is a criminal industry that nets billions a year worldwide. This year, there will likely be even more, with the world’s attention on the London Olympics. British authorities have already made hundreds of arrests for attempting to move phony souvenirs. And they are warning tourists coming to see the games to be
Snake in the grass

Warning issued by FTC about Aurora shootings charity scams

A number of people donate toward charitable causes every year, including toward aid for victims of tragedies and natural disasters. However, money attracts scam artists, and the FTC has issued a warning about Aurora shootings charity scams that might crop up. At last charity scams never had any decency In the wake of the tragic
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The public is really to blame in Penn State scandal

Pennsylvania State University is reeling from a child molestation scandal, where a now-imprisoned former coach committed appalling acts that were swept under the rug. Though the actions in question were one person’s doing, the blame lays solely on the shoulders of the public. Penn State scandal tarnishes institution of college football College football is huge.
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Financial security of most Americans on the decline

According to a new report by, American financial security has slipped to its lowest level since March. In spite of that, most Americans still are not tracking spending and sticking to a budget. Financial Security Index down in all areas’s Financial Security Index, released July 25, showed not only its lowest rate since

Unpaid overtime violations still on the uptick

An unfortunate number of workers around the nation have had to endure unpaid overtime, where employers neglect to pay them for overtime that they worked. Unpaid overtime and other wage and hour violations have been reportedly increasing, as have the number of suits lodged to counter them. Report asserts unpaid overtime violations increasing A recent
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Learn how to tip and avoid tipping traps

Remember that little voice in the back of your head that advises you not to trust anyone? When it comes to tipping, never go with the “for your convenience” total. Avoid this and other tipping traps when you pay your restaurant bill and you’ll save yourself a bundle in the long run. Tipping blind is
Romney lashes out

Gaffe-prone Romney pounces on Obama misspeaking

Although it has been more than a week since President Obama made his famous gaffe that seemed to say small business owners “didn’t build” their own enterprises, it is back in the news. Mitt Romeny’s campaign team has chosen this week to launch an attack, making Mr. Obama’s remark its centerpiece. Although the President’s remark
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Glass-Steagall breaker wants to separate banks

In an ironic reversal, the man who worked to break Glass-Steagall wants to repair the wall between commercial and investment banking. However, in the post-recession, some critics say he should have let it remain intact in the first place. Separating taxpayers from gamblers Sanford “Sandy” Weill, 79, is  the founder of Citigroup and one of

Secret shopper scams still making the rounds

One activity some people like to engage in for some side cash is to work as a “secret shopper,” where companies pay people to shop at their stores and make objective evaluations. However, there were a lot of secret shopper scams revealed over the years and they are still going around. Secret shopper scams go

One quarter of private sector earns less than 10 dollars per hour

There is a supposed lack of jobs to go around, which makes it harder for the unemployed to get back to work. However, it might also be that what jobs there are don’t pay much, as fully one-quarter of private sector workers are estimated to make less than 10 dollars per hour. 10 dollars per
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Bill to audit the federal reserve passes House

Some people are not enamored of the Federal Reserve, the independent government agency that determines the nation’s monetary policy and sets interest rates. The House of Representatives has just passed a stringent bill to audit the Federal Reserve, though it isn’t likely to go anywhere. Call to audit the Federal Reserve gaining momentum The Federal
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Los Angeles votes to ban 762 legal marijuana dispensaries

Despite a runaway city budget crisis and the potential for massive tax revenue collection, the Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday 14-0 to ban medicinal marijuana dispensaries, reports the Los Angeles Times. A total of 762 pot dispensaries registered with the city will be issued notice that they must cease all operations. If they do
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Lawsuit over Chase credit card fees cost $100m in settlement

A lawsuit over Chase credit card fees has been settled, resulting in the bank having to pay $100 million to customers who were allegedly unfairly gouged by the bank. Chase is said to have tempted customers with low interest rates on transfers, only to hike minimum payments or threaten to pile on fees. Settlement reached
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Being unproductive: How to find free or cheap fun

Do you fall into the trap of assuming that your sole purpose in life is to be productive? Finding your personal bliss may involve achievement, but the full, balanced scope of your existence may encompass times where being unproductive is just as desirable. Here are some tips for enjoying free or cheap fun, all the

One in 10 employer health care plans could be dropped by 2014

The Affordable Care Act, dubbed “Obamacare” by many, certainly has its detractors, among them employers offering health insurance to employees. A recent Deloitte Touche survey found almost 10 percent of employer health care plans could be dropped when the law takes full effect. Some employer health care plans could be dropped There has been a