Supreme Court upholds Obamacare key component

In a decision that will have ramifications for every consumer, the Supreme Court Thursday upheld the individual insurance requirement of the Affordable Car Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Provision deemed constitutional The question of the constitutionality of the provision requiring all Americans to acquire health insurance or pay a penalty has been a barricade to
Nursing home

Filial support laws put many in debt for care of parents

More than half the states in the nation have what are called “filial support” laws, which makes people responsible for their parents’ long term medical care bills. The effect is that a large number of people are getting stuck with insurmountable debts and lawsuits. New definition of family values in filial support laws Regardless of
College Grads

Student loan grace period likely casualty of loan rate extension

Congress is currently in the midst of an effort to keep federally subsidized student loan rates from doubling when legislation expires soon. A likely casualty is the student loan grace period, when interest isn’t assessed and payments don’t have to be made for the first six months past graduation. Barely mentioned student loan grace period
Upside down house

CFPB concerned about reverse mortgages

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has prepared a report for Congress over the state of reverse mortgages in the country. The CFPB is concerned about reverse mortgages having a harmful effect on seniors who borrow them against the equity in their homes during retirement. High default rate worries CFPB about reverse mortgages Reverse mortgages allow
Close-up of the expiration date bag tie on a package of hot dog buns.

Save money by understanding the expiration date on your food

The expiration date that appears on packaged food is confusing to some people, largely due to the words used, such as “Best Before,” “Sell By” or “Use By.” Is food still safe to eat on that date, or slightly after that date? Let’s put our food safety hats on and think about saving money by
Stand-up comedian Louis CK.

Louis CK sells his own comedy tour tickets, fans save

Comedian Louis CK (aka Louis Szekely) is the current king of stand-up comedy, and as king, he can decide how his media empire is run. His most recent move has been to take control of ticket sales to his comedy shows by requiring those interested to buy them through his personal website, reports Wired. This
Crime scene

Killer discounts on murder houses for those with the stomach

There are a few ways to get a great deal on real estate, one method of which is to buy foreclosed houses or houses in probate after the owner passes away. Another way, which is much more chilling, is to buy “murder houses,” where an occupant met a tragic end. Macabre but economical In the
home prices

Home prices rise across the nation, says index

Nineteen of the 20 cities tracked by the monthly Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index saw price increases from March to April, as the housing market continues its sluggish crawl to recovery. The poor job market, however, hinders further economic growth. Rising monthly index That largest home price increase was in and Phoenix, where homes
CMS Student Jessica Byrnes interned at Rodale Inc., publisher of Prevention, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Al Gore’s book An Inconvenient Truth.

How to get an internship and flip in like a pro

Employers tend to love the unpaid internship, particularly when the applicant is desperate to earn a paid position. Unpaid labor scrambling to please is the best kind of slavery our modern recession can create. For some – particularly college students – an internship is unavoidable if one is going to have any contact with the
16th century painting Poborcy podatków by artist Marinus van Reymerswale.

How to figure out your tax bracket, taxable income and tax rate

Tax time has come and gone in 2012 for most of us, but it’s never a bad time to learn more. This is particularly true if you earn a raise at work during the year, as you may be in a new tax bracket. Here’s some background on the various tax brackets that the IRS
Piggy Bank

Nearly 30 percent lack emergency savings in Bankrate survey

The rule of thumb is that each person, or by extension each family unit, should have at least six months of basic expenses in emergency savings at all times. However, many cannot manage it, as a recent Bankrate survey found almost one-third of respondents lacked any. Some argue too much in savings A recent article
measure of success

How much do you need to earn for success?

A recent study by CareerBuilder found that most Americans would feel quite successful making less than six figures. Living and retiring comfortably seems to be more important to most than amassing a fortune. Line of success CareerBuilder asked nearly 6,000 full-time employees in various industries to draw the line at which they would consider themselves
Old people

Elderly at risk for financial fraud

There are always going to be a certain number of scam and fraud operations in existence, as some people refuse to try to earn an honest buck. Unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable face the highest risk such as the elderly, who are common targets for financial fraud. At last they have no decency If

Domestic drones not going away anytime soon

There has been some controversy lately about the domestic use of drone aircraft, usually confined to forward operating areas, to patrol the United States. For a number of reasons, security concerns being among the least of them, they aren’t getting grounded anytime soon. Taking pictures that can prove In February, according to MSNBC, the Federal
white house for sale

Economy and policy blame where blame is due

A recent post by Doug Powers on the Michelle Malkin blog used a fragment from an interview with David Gregory to make a poorly-supported generalization about the so-called liberal media and the president. Mr. Powers wrote: Powers’ blog “If you need further proof that some members of the mainstream media do not reside on the
Coaxial cable and networking cable ends displayed on a desktop next to various screwdrivers.

Getting rid of cable TV – Gain time, not money

Cable TV is both a blessing and a curse for many people. Saving money is a big reason why many cut the cord, which in turn also frees up additional spare time for the viewer. Yet giving up the myriad entertainment options is something not all are willing to do, regardless of cost. Here are
The word “trust” spelled in Scrabble letters. The full quote in the picture, taken from Goethe, reads, “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

How to engender trust among your clients

Creating trust is vitally important in life, particularly for a business. Without trust, there is no loyalty and a relationship cannot exist. If your customers don’t trust your business or your product, your business will fail and disappear. Here’s how to engender trust, with an emphasis on reassuring consumers that you’re worthy of their patronage.