A woman seated on an airline, sleeping infant in her lap.

Tips for flying with an infant

Traveling with baby is a challenge for any parent. Flying with an infant can be that much more difficult; planning ahead becomes essential. Here are some infant travel tips for parents who would like to, at least, maintain the illusion that they are indeed flying the friendly skies. Make a list, check it twice Before
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo settles predatory lending lawsuit

Wells Fargo has just settled a lawsuit brought by the city of Memphis and Shelby County in Tennessee, which claimed the bank engaged in predatory lending against minority mortgage borrowers. A federal lawsuit alleging the same is expected from the Justice Department as well. Alls wells that ends Wells Part of the housing crash of

Unemployment benefits cut early for thousands – part 1

Despite Congress extending long term unemployment benefit programs in February, thousands of unemployed people in eight states saw their benefits come to an end prematurely in May. Benefit recipients in 15 other states suffered the same fate in April. Thousands more are poised to follow in June. Nearly half a million stranded In April, extended
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators taking time out to paint each other's faces.

The unemployment conundrum for those in their prime working years

The mainstream media would have you believe that happy days are here again, thanks to declining unemployment numbers. However, a cancer lurks deep within the sweet bud of economic recovery, a malady that goes largely unreported: the percentage of employed Americans in their prime working years (25 to 54) is at its lowest point in
Huge pot of soup made from turkey leftovers, chicken stock, potatoes, celery, carrots, baby limas, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and one green pepper, minced garlic cloves, milled flax seed and a cup of pearl barley.

Save time and money and eat well with chicken or vegetable stock

Every non-vegetarian cook can find a use for chicken stock. Vegetarians can simply substitute vegetable. The uses for this kind of miracle base are myriad, and keeping some on hand is not only convenient, but it can save money. Here are a few things to make with chicken stock, in case you’re in search of
Walmart Neighborhood Market

Walmart latest large retailer opening smaller stores

For much of the past decade, the largest retail chains were the ones with the largest stores, though these businesses have been struggling in recent years. As a result, the stores are getting smaller and, somewhat surprisingly, Walmart is next in line for smaller stores. Un-super sizing For most of the past few decades, the
Home brew

Some people can save money by homebrewing

Few things in life can have the restorative and refreshing power of a cold, tasty beer, though indulging can get expensive. Some might wonder if homebrewing will save money, which will, depending on the economy of scale. Mother’s milk of civilization Ah, beer. The moderately alcoholic beverage has been made in some form for thousands
View of the top of a Bank of America high-rise office building.

When Bank of America outsources, does the free market win?

After a $45 billion bank bailout, 30,000 U.S. workers laid off and gouging customer fees that have drawn the ire of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one wonders what Bank of America could have done for an encore. According to Mother Jones, the answer is that America’s second-largest bank is undergoing massive job outsourcing for cheap
Home prices are on the rise

Home prices up in most major U.S. cities

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index, which tracks housing prices in 20 major U.S. cities, showed a slight uptick in 12 them for March. It is the first such increase in seven months. S&P/Case-Shiller index The S.&P./Case-Shiller index, as the index is usually called, uses methods developed by economics professors from Yale and Wellesley
Underwater home

Homeowners still plagued by underwater mortgages

The number of homeowners who have found themselves owing more for their homes than the house is worth has skyrocketed in recent years. It shows no sign of abating, as recent surveys have found the rate is holding steady. Only the Titanic sunk further As a result of the housing market tanking in the past
A cat gazing into a clothes dryer.

Things you can do with used dryer sheets

Don’t be a fool and throw away your dryer sheets after only one use. That’s what devious little Snuggles the bear wants you to do! Rather than listen to an animated teddy bear, consider these things you can do with used dryer sheets. You’ll save money. Freshen up a suitcase Use dryer sheets to freshen
Free fill up

Hotels offer free gas to summer travelers

Planning on a  road trip this summer? Not only are gas prices going down, but many hotels are sweetening the pot with a free fill-up. Gas offers lure in guests When gas prices begin to rise, many hotel and motels offer free gas cards with lodging. Some major chains, like Comfort Inns, Holiday Inn, Hyatt,
Dragon capsule

Space delivery: A giant leap for commerce

A privately-funded space craft arrived at the International Space Station Friday with a cargo hold full off supplies, ushering in a new era of commerce that extends beyond the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere. ‘Dragon by the tail’ As the space station passed 250 miles over Australia Friday morning, astronaut Doanld Petit used a 58-foot
“Beast of a Job Interview,” after Walter Crane. Victorian-style setting where woman in a dress waits for interview. The male interviewer has the head of a board. In the background, the door to the human resources department is visible.

How to handle inappropriate interview questions

Anti-discrimination laws in the U.S. exist for a variety of reasons, among them protecting individuals who are applying for a job. In spite of this, some employers will still use inappropriate or illegal interview questions in order to profile applicants. Knowing how to handle inappropriate interview questions can help job applicants protect themselves and discern
red state, blue state

Conservatives and liberal spend differently, study says

Folks in so-called blue states like to get out and do things. Red state residents, on the other hand, are homebodies and like to dig in. Or so concludes a politics-based report on spending by the online bill-paying site, Billeo. Red vs. Blue “Red,” or conservative, states spend on home improvements at about a 40
The Dutch queen Juliana riding a bike during a visit to the island Terschelling. The Netherlands, July 11, 1967.

Save money by living without a car

Living without a car may seem like a pipe dream, but it is achievable. It can save you a great deal of money and time that used to be claimed by automotive upkeep, repair and waiting for tow trucks. Walking, bicycling and using public transportation are all ways to save big. Estimating the savings Begin
Card machine

15 more retailers adding PayPal payments system

For some time now, PayPal has been working on a point-of-sale system that would offer an alternative to cash or cards that are being installed at Home Depot locations nationwide. The company has just inked deals with 15 more retail chains. Getting out of the hardware aisle PayPal, the online payment system owned by eBay,