A hand holding a wallet.

What to do when you lose your wallet

A missing wallet is inconvenient, and it can also lead to identity theft. Credit cards, identification cards, Social Security cards and more are all invitations to identity theft when a missing wallet scenario occurs. Here’s what to do when you lose your wallet. Stolen or misplaced? Retrace your steps and don’t panic. Sometimes, a lost
A House

Rate of homeownership at lowest point in 15 years

It is often trumpeted that owning a home is part and parcel to the “American Dream,” which a lot of people still hold to. However, an increasing number of people either can’t participate or are changing their minds; the rate of homeownership is at the lowest point in 15 years. A dream deferred Much has
kids n money

Financial literacy concerns us all – Part 2

Many children don’t receive a proper financial education at home. As we have seen, many parents are woefully uneducated themselves in basic money management skills. That leaves the schools to save us from becoming a nation of the financially illiterate. However, most schools are not making it a curriculum priority. Trend slowing down A 2011
Kids and money.

Financial literacy concerns us all – Part 1

Some parents teach personal finances to their children at home. However, most do not. Only a handful of states require personal finance education in high schools at this time. So where do most children learn about money? Usually, the evidence suggests, they learn about it on their own in real-life trials by fire. Those who
USPS Delivery truck

Postal Service might start shipping wine and beer

A bill before Congress, aimed at helping the struggling United States Postal Service regain solid financial footing, is taking a page from Starbucks’ playbook. Among other proposals, Congress may authorize the USPS to ship wine and beer. Congress tries to stamp out postal service woes The United States Postal Service is in serious financial trouble.
Stock Index

The basics of an index fund

There are a variety of products intended to make investing easier, though these products themselves can be as complex as any other investment. Index funds, however, are a relatively simple solution to the complex world of investing. How index funds are built An index fund is an investment product built based on the stock indexes.

Compare your spending to the national average

Creating a budget can be very tough for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is considering what we “should” spend. Comparing your spending habits to the national averages can help you make a more informed decision. Housing tops spending As of December of 2011, the American average for housing spending is 41 percent
Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii), eating peanuts from a cereal box. Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Discovering new uses for cereal boxes

A cereal box isn’t just a cereal box. If you have a modicum of creativity at your disposal, it can do many things. Here are just some of the uses for cereal boxes, from storage containers to craft projects and toys. Make a notepad If you have supplies around the house like loose leaf paper,

Costco now offering mortgages to members

Costco is a wonderful store in a lot of ways, because members have access to a wide range of products, in bulk, for very reasonable prices. Besides huge boxes of Hot Pockets, Costco also does financial services, which now include mortgages. No word on mortgages available in bulk Anyone who is or was a member
Close-up of a woman's bare legs.

Strange insurance policies for celebrities and other rich folk

Specialty lines of personal insurance can skirt some very interesting territory. Here are some of the more bizarre insurance policies taken out, from celebrities and grooms to those with a nose for wine. Companies like Lloyd’s of London will insure them all, for the right price. The celebrity body part parade Smiles, hair and legs
Wells Fargo sign

Big banks offering alternative services to poor and unbanked

In the past few years, more large retail banks have started going into alternative financial services, or offering services traditionally the domain of payday lenders and check cashers. The onslaught continues as more of the banking elite court the poor and unbanked. Banks want unbanked to be banked A certain segment of the population does

Buying used transportation is a better financial decision

Generally, when it comes to saving money, the standard advice includes an admonition to always buy a used car. This advice, however, extends to any kind of transportation purchase. The statistics of used bikes A new study that is due to be released in the next few weeks revealed some interesting information about bike buyers.
Cash money

Obamacare results in health insurance rebates

A lot of people have not been thrilled about the Affordable Care Act, also dubbed “Obamacare.” However,  a lot of people are going to be happy with the health insurance rebates that are likely to be sent out this summer. A medical loss The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” in the media, was lauded by
Cash Stack

The ideal number of savings accounts

When you’re trying to save money, it can be very tempting to dump all of your money into one account. You can actually maximize the amount you are saving by splitting that money into multiple savings accounts. The psychology of saving Saving money is tough, because it represents a store of resources that could be
"We ran off."

Staged elopements prosper in downturn

The wedding industry, like any other, has taken a beating in the down economy. And while it has started to recover since the Great Recession, it is still not where it once was. Couples still seek alternate ways to make their nuptials a special event without going broke doing it. One way, gaining increasing popularity,
Pill Bottle

Easy ways to get a better price on prescriptions

Prescription drugs represent a unique part of the consumer market. The prices of prescriptions are set not only by companies and consumers, but pharmacies, insurance companies, distributors and outside programs. Knowing how prescriptions are priced The first thing to understand about how prescriptions are priced is there are pricing pressures. The companies that research, create
Whole Foods

Some companies do fine with no management

For almost all of human history, the dominant form of business or other ventures has been pyramid-like in shape with management at the top and labor at the bottom. Many people think a company needs leadership, but there are plenty of companies are doing fine with no management. We don’t need no stinking bosses Name