A Taiwanese lottery ticket.

What to do when you win the lottery

The Mega Millions lottery could make a lucky person about half a billion dollars richer, but the odds are stacked against it. Gambling on any kind of lottery is not the best use of one’s money, but people will participate regardless. With that in mind, it pays to know what to do when you win
College confusion

Ivy League acceptance rates at record lows

As applications increase, many Ivy League schools are becoming more selective in the acceptance of students. Some institutions are posting record low enrollments. Those hoping for an Ivy League education may find the selection process more rigorous than in the past. Nearly all report lower rates Thursday the nation’s eight elite “Ivy League” schools announced
April Fools Day cupcakes

Workplace April Fools Day gags

Although April Fools Day falls on Sunday this year, on-the-jobbers should not feel like they are immune from office pranks. Many, no doubt, will strike on Friday. Others may come after the fact on Monday. And then, of course, some people do work on Sunday. Does downturn promote gags? A third of respondents to a
Coin Jar

Why you need a financial battle buddy

Money is very tightly woven in with emotion, and for good reason. Money decisions represent a variety of emotional and social decisions, and choosing a financial battle buddy can help you make better financial decisions. The emotional implications of money Money represents resources. The things we do to earn money take time and emotion, and
Master Card

MasterCard and Visa investigating major data breach

Between Jan. 21 and Feb. 15, a MasterCard and Visa payment processor had a “massive security breach.” The data breach reportedly could have compromised up to 10 million credit card numbers. The data breach According to the warning MasterCard and Visa sent out to banks last week, a processor’s credit card data was compromised. Both
US Department of Labor logo

Fewest jobless claims filed in four years

The Labor Department said Thursday that the number of claims for unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest point since April 2008. The drop is yet another strong sign of a strengthening U.S. job market. Number of initial and continuing claims fall According to the report, first-time unemployment claims for the week ending March
The road less traveled Gas Prices

Gas Prices and Your Summer Plans

A recent survey concludes that the escalating cost of gasoline in the U.S. could severely curtail summer travel plans for many, leading to losses in various travel-related industries. Vacationers and business travelers alike The U.S. Travel Association surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers in early March, asking them if the rising cost of gas will affect their
"Orlit" houses, Belfast, Ireland.

Mortgage rates dip along with consumer confidence

Mortgage rates declined the week of March 26; the latest economic data available to investors continues to disappoint. Bankrate reports that the Federal Reserve went on record with its reminder that the U.S. economy is still “far from recovery.” Benchmark fell to 4.23 percent Benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgages fell down to 4.23 percent after last
Vacation Time

The real value of taking a mental break

When it comes to personal finance, increasing efficiency and maximizing every moment is often the topic of discussion. One thing that is often forgotten, however, is that for everyone from employees to entrepreneurs, taking a break can be the best thing you do for your personal financial situation. The psychology of a break The human
College dorm

How to live more cheaply while in college

According to Money magazine, the cost of college housing has grown at a faster pace than inflation over the last two decades. The price of tuition is non-negotiable, but there are many ways to lower the other costs associated with an education. At a time when many students fear Congress will let the rates of
Hotel room

Hotel rates went up in February

During the past few years, the recession has kept some people from traveling as much as they would like to. As a result, hotel rates have been staying fairly low, but they are creeping up again. Key sign of recovery Recessions not only make a mess of economic conditions, they also happen to be a
The interior of a posh London hotel room

What to take from your hotel room to save cash

Free stuff is always nice, particularly when you’re staying in a hotel. You’re paying for the continental breakfast, but did you know that you’re paying for a host of toiletries and sundries, too? That being said, don’t them them behind! Learn what to legally take from your hotel room when you leave, because it will
lottery money

Lowest earners waste more money on lotteries

State-run lotteries are tantalizing, dangling carrots for many consumers in the economic downturn. After all, who can’t afford to lose a buck or two a week? And if it pays off, all problems are solved. But is it a smart way to spend money in a time when money is not that easy to come
A middle-aged woman is happy to enjoy the spoils of a trip to a craft festival.

How to find discounts and avoid paying full price

Frugal shopping is an act we can all practice each and every time we set out to spend money on products and services. It’s about avoiding paying full price – not because you’re cheap, but because you’re smart. Here are some frugal shopping tips on common items for which you should never pay full price.

Student loan debt collectors going under the microscope

There are trillions of dollars of student loans currently in the U.S. market, and $67 billion of that debt is in default. Though there are programs to help loans in default, federal student load debt collectors may not be offering those programs to troubled lenders. Student Load Debt Collectors The Department of Education does not

Electing for baggage insurance can be a good idea

Anyone who has purchased airline tickets online may have noticed a box asking if they would like to purchase baggage insurance. It can be worth purchasing, especially if a person is traveling with a lot of valuables. Air raising Here is a familiar scene: a person visits a travel website to purchase plane tickets for
A vintage cover of “Strange Tales” magazine depicting Edgar Allan Poe and a raven.

How to answer strange interview questions

Some of the more devious personnel managers out there love to test out strange interview questions with job applicants. These job interview questions are typically of the “no right answer” type and are designed to measure how an individual operates under pressure. Here are some highlights of strange interview questions – and how to answer