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The differences between a Roth IRA and 401(k)

Saving for retirement, no matter what your age, is a very good idea. Making the choice between types of retirement accounts can be difficult, but 401(k) and Roth IRA are very different types of ways to save. Basics of a 401(k) . A 401(k) savings account is generally a retirement savings account that is employer-supported.
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The top ten consumer complaints of 2011

The Federal Trade Commission released its annual list of the top consumer complaints for the last calendar year. For the last dozen years the top complaint among consumers has been identity theft. And this year’s list, released Tuesday, did not offer any surprises. Fifteen percent of all complaints According to the FTC, there were more
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Small business identity theft an under-reported problem

There are plenty of things to worry about when running a small business, but identity theft is one challenge that is rarely discussed. Small business identity theft, however, is a problem that can be difficult to address, legally. Small business identity theft Identity theft of a small business operates in much the same way as
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How to say thank you without breaking the bank

The words “thank you” can hold a great deal of emotional currency, when shared in kindness. Being thankful for gifts received, services rendered and more reflects not only our degree of politeness, but how much we appreciate the people in our lives. Saying thank you through acts of kindness – with or without spending cash
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Small businesses 3 times more likely to be audited

For a small business owner or freelancer, one of the scariest words to hear is “audit.” Statistics say that small business owners get audited about 3 percent of the time, and most taxpayers are audited 1 percent of the time. The differences in taxes Taxpayers who work for themselves, as freelancers or contract workers, have
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Beware spring break identity theft, travel scams

Spring break is fast approaching, which means that scores of young college students will be seeking every party opportunity under the sun. Wallets and drivers licenses will be flying freely about as alcohol is liberally consumed. As the 2011 Identity Fraud Survey Report by Javelin Research notes, this means that identity theft will rear its

Cost of federally backed mortgages going up

The average interest rate of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage is about 4 percent, a historically low rate. The cost of about a third of all new mortgages will be going up when the Federal Housing Administration increases fees. Federally backed mortgages to get more expensive The Federal Housing Administration currently backs about 30 percent of
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Get a portfolio started with low minimum investment mutual funds

Many people might think that getting into investing, like stocks and bonds and so forth, is something for only for dentists, doctors and lawyers. That’s far from the truth, as there are plenty of mutual funds that a person can buy for only a few hundred bucks. Sitting on a goal mine When it comes

Tax debt relief: Options to pay back IRS tax

Back taxes can be really scary, especially if you are already in a financial mess and struggling hard to make ends meet. However,  you could qualify for tax debt relief options to pay off tax debt. 5 IRS tax solutions to consider One of the ways in which you can pay off your income tax
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How to compute your net worth

Many people are hazy on the concept of personal net worth. They see houses, cars and clothing and mistake such signs of wealth for high net worth. As Wise Bread reminds us, however, net worth deals with two key columns on the financial ledger: assets and debt. Just because a person appears to have all
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JD Power survey finds fees and service drove bank transfers

Bank transfers were a media darling in the last few months of 2011, as millions switched banks. A recent survey by J.D. Power and Associates found that, to no one’s surprise, that bad service and high fees did the trick. Banks shoot themselves and shareholders in the feet The primary obligation of a large retail
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Tips about buying a foreclosed home

Most people want to own a home, despite market volatility and research that shows it isn’t the best investment to make. That said, a person can save money by buying a foreclosed home at a discount, but there are some things people should know before doing so. Tipping the scale Most polls indicate the average
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Nine states hit hardest by USPS closures

Starting on May 15, the United States Postal Service may be closing nearly half of its mail processing centers across the nation. More than 350,000 U.S. jobs are on the line. But some states will be hit harder than others. Some say the closures target rural communities and the poor. The finance website 24/7 Wall
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Battle over raising Social Security age rages on

The ultra-elite of society would love to see the U.S. shrink its federal deficit, and they think that raising Social Security age is a great way to do it, reports Bankrate. A new survey of 1,000 individuals conducted by Bank of America found that a majority of rich Americans want to see the retirement age

The IRS could owe you $600 or more

Did you file a federal income tax return in 2008? If not, according to the IRS, you may have some extra cash coming your way. But you’d better claim it soon. Otherwise, Uncle Sam will put it back into his wallet. $1 billion in refunds left unclaimed The IRS said Thursday that it has $1

Basics of licensing your business

There are hundreds of possible reasons for starting a business, from tax protection to keeping your hobby business legal. No matter what the reason, the basics of starting a business are generally the same, and doing so can help you protect your money. Why you should get licensed Federally, the government doesn’t care if your
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President Obama has little to do with determining gas prices

Various presidential candidates are promising to lower gas prices further than President Obama, who is ostensibly to blame for basically everything. However, who occupies the Oval Office has very little to do with the price of gas. The Newt deal Gas prices are rising and presidential candidates are pledging to bring the cost down. Most